The whole world wants to learn about your business. International SEO is the key to widespread notoriety.

26% of internet users speak English. If your product has worldwide appeal, then failing to market your products to three-quarters of the world that doesn’t speak English will lose you a lot of money in the long run. As foreign markets hunger for new products in every niche, there is no reason why SEO shouldn’t succeed in these alternate locales.

The truth about international SEO is keywords in French. Spanish, Arabic, and many other languages are far less competitive than the English equivalents. You could have a much easier time with search engine marketing if you reach out to buyers in those markets.

Shifting your SEO strategy to a new market sounds challenging. Thankfully, Embarque has the resources to hire translators who understand how to communicate in the language and voice your target market understands. We hold our international SEO outputs to the same rigorous standards as our regular campaigns.