Helping a job platform get 21,000 monthly search clicks in under 3 months

4 day week is a new job platform for job openings offering 32-hour work weeks that wanted to scale growth through SEO. After seeing the results we’ve provided for our clients on Twitter, Phil McParlane, the platform’s founder, decided to work with us to scale its search traffic to the next level.

In less than a month, our articles published on their blog began ranking for relevant target queries and provided thousands of search visits. In fact, our article “Amazon PTO & Vacation Policy (2022)began appearing on the first page for our target queries within two hours of being published. Phil says, “After two months, Embarque had written six articles for us, and they already get more than 4,000 clicks per month from Google - growing steadily.” 

In this case study, you’ll learn how we’ve helped 4 day week:

  • Refine their SEO blogging strategy.
  • Rank for lucrative queries in under a day.
  • Get thousands in search traffic in the first month.


When Phil reached out to us, he had already tried a variety of content writing services but was disappointed with the services provided. While the articles followed the brief and were optimized for search, most were poorly written and had errors throughout. According to him, “I wanted to have more blog posts to increase my organic traffic but didn't have the time to do this myself. I tried some other similar services, but the results weren't very good. I then tried Embarque and was blown away with the results.”

Keen to get started on his SEO strategy, Phil tried out our services after finding us on Twitter and reading through our samples. As he says, “I read the articles they had written and thought the quality was excellent, so I decided to sign up for a monthly ongoing contract.” At the same time, he also had a backlog of unpublishable content he needed to edit and fact check. 

When we started working with Phil, he didn’t fully grasp what an SEO editorial calendar entailed. In fact, some of the blog posts they had published didn’t have anything to do with career advice and weren’t relevant to the platform’s target audience, which mainly consists of people working in tech. 


After a short meeting where we clarified the company’s priorities and extensive keyword research, we decided on an SEO content strategy targeting queries related to interviews at large tech companies, as they were already ranking for similar queries. 

Therefore, we created a content calendar of topics with relevant high volume and low competition queries searched by those working in tech, including:

  • Twitter Interview Process: Everything You Need To Know
  • The Stripe Interview Process and How to Ace it
  • Amazon PTO & Vacation Policy (2022)

Since Phil was working on a relatively tight budget, we focused on expanding the platform’s topical authority on queries around tech job interviews, as it was a niche that he was already ranking in.

We also rewrote the articles Phil had in the backlog and ensured that the information provided was correct and up to date. For instance, here are some of our edits on the article “What Are The Highest Paid Programming Languages?”

Building on the platform’s topical authority quickly paid off. The articles we wrote for Phil started ranking within a few days, with some ranking a day after being published.

“The quality of their content and attention to detail are unrivaled,” Phil exclaims. “Other content writing services don't really care about quality - they only care about word count length and completing the task.”


In Phil’s words, "Embarque genuinely wants to help me and has a result-driven approach." 

Since becoming a client on October 20, 2021, 4 day week has achieved the following:

  • Its average weekly visits went from around 1,000 to 4,500 in three months.

  • Most of the articles we have published began ranking in less than five days. One article ranked in under a day for high volume queries.

  • The blog is now the domain’s leading traffic generator, garnering more than 21,000 search clicks per month with an average time on page of 4 minutes and 24 seconds.
  • Google considers 4 day week as a topical authority for tech interviews, such that it’s ranking for related queries in as little as a few days. 


  • A great SEO content writing partner can help move your business forward. Content quality is an important ranking factor. Without a reliable content writing service provider, 4 day week wouldn’t have a successful SEO strategy.
  • High-quality SEO content will lead to quality results. As seen in this case study, high-quality SEO content can help businesses rank faster. Thin content has little SEO value and can be money poured down the drain in most cases.
  • Topical authority can help a new domain outrank large incumbents. It’s important to realize that 4 day week is only a year old. By utilizing a topical authority strategy, we’ve managed to overtake large incumbents such as LinkedIn and Indeed in the search results page.

Scale Growth through SEO with Embarque

4 day week is still rapidly growing and remains one of Embarque’s most loyal clients. The job board has successfully recommended us to other businesses that might need our help scaling growth through SEO.

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