AI Writing SEO: +3,000% Organic Traffic in 2 Months

Elephas is a personal AI writing assistant for Mac and iOS that helps marketers, writers, and busy professionals write better content, faster.

As you can imagine, competing against juggernauts like WriteSonic and Wordtune in the AI writing space is challenging—especially since these platforms have both had massive, 8-figure funding rounds.

After a few attempts to gain traction, Elephas decided to try Embarque’s link building and content services to improve their SEO and increase online visibility.

The results were pretty spectacular.

What We’ll Cover

In this case study, we’ll break down exactly how we helped Elephas boost organic traffic by more than 3,000% in just 3 months while increasing their domain rating by 20 points in 9 months.

The Problem –  Elephas Didn’t Have an Organized SEO Strategy

Elephas’ founder recognized SEO’s potential as a channel, but was struggling to balance different elements like: 

  • Keyword research
  • Content optimization
  • Link building

This was a problem given the competitive landscape.

Competitors like WriteSonic and Wordtune had already established SEO strategies that were generating 80,000 to 290,000+ organic visits per month with domain ratings of 70+.

At the time, Elephas just didn’t have the ability to keep up. In May 2023, their monthly organic traffic was stuck at around 502, while their domain rating hovered around the low 30s.

This was the situation when Elephas decided to partner with Embarque.

The Solution – A Revenue-Driven SEO Plan

Our top priority for Elephas’ SEO strategy was creating high-quality content that targeted trending, lucrative keywords keywords.

Our criteria for keywords and topics were as follows:

  • Low-competition (KD < 20)
  • Mostly commercial
  • Trending and underserved

Given the low domain rating, that first criterion was crucial. We needed to find commercial keywords that we could realistically rank for, so that Elephas could start seeing traffic and revenue boosts quickly.

We’ve explored the concept of SEO trending topics in our case study with Cleanvoice. These are popular topics that eventually get widely-searched. They’re often under-estimated by third-party tools like Ahrefs. In other words, publishing content on these topics first can lead to faster rankings and allow us to carve a space in very competitive niches, such as AI writing, podasting and career development.

The second prong of our strategy was link building around five, high-conversion pages. We secured 4 backlinks per month with high DA websites (DA > 50) to these pages, with the goal of increasing Elephas’ authority and unlocking more profitable keyword opportunities.

The Results – +3,000% Organic Traffic and +20 DR

Fast-forward 9 months and Elephas has seen some pretty spectacular results:

  • Elephas’ organic traffic increased by more than 3,000% to roughly 16.1K visitors per month just 3 months after we started creating content. It has since stabilized at roughly 12.3K as we’ve begun focusing more on backlinks.
  • Elephas’ rankings have improved across the board, with several pieces of content now ranking on the first page for competitive and profitable keywords.
  • Elephas’ DR increased by 20 points to 55 just 2 months after our link building campaign began.


  1. With the right strategy, smaller products can carve out a successful niche in competitive spaces.
  2. Building a foundation of quality, revenue-driven content is important early on in your SEO journey to build traffic and earn ROI.
  3. Backlinks are an important supplementary strategy to boost your domain authority, increase organic traffic, and unlock better opportunities.

Carve Out Your Niche With Embarque

The competitive landscape for AI tools and software is crowded and competitive, but the growth potential is huge. Elephas is a great example of what’s possible when you use an intelligent SEO strategy to carve out your own niche in this space.

Could your product benefit from a personalized, revenue-driven SEO strategy? Get in touch to book a free strategy call and see why Embarque is the agency of choice for SaaS companies looking to dominate their niche.