How We Took SignHouse from Zero to 60,000 Monthly Organic Visitors in Just 6 Months

How We Took SignHouse from Zero to 60,000 Monthly Organic Visitors in Just 6 Months

All SEO campaigns take time to yield results, especially when you’re starting from scratch. Most campaigns might take months, even up to a year, before they show promising results. This is not the case for SignHouse, a SaaS that delivers eSignature software built around simplicity and ease of use.

Starting from a base of absolutely no website traffic, Embarque was able to boost its organic traffic flow to 60,000 organic visits per month through the strategic use of quality blog content and smart backlinking.

In this case study, you'll learn how we:

  • With product-led content, skyrocketed SignHouse's organic traffic 60-fold in just half a year.
  • Created strong backlink profiles for SignHouse’s key pages to encourage conversion.
  • Built an SEO content pipeline and strategy from scratch for SignHouse.
  • Streamlined the content creation process to ensure a consistent and quality output throughout the project.

The Problem — The Company Just Started Out

Shortly after starting up, SignHouse has already reached out to Embarque to help them with their content. This means they don’t have an existing content base to iterate and improve upon and no SEO strategy to go over and update. We would be starting completely from scratch in this case.

Though it’s challenging, it also offers us greater freedom to lay an impactful SEO strategy right off the bat without having to worry about tackling legacy issues, revising outdated content, or reversing bad practices. This is one of the reasons behind our success with this case.

The Solution — A Tailored SEO Content Strategy Built from Scratch

The team at Embarque held multiple discussions and brainstorming sessions with SignHouse to nail down key details. This included defining the brand voice they wanted to amplify, identifying their ideal customers, and pinning down the stylistic elements of the articles to be written.

Using this information, our team crafted a tailored SEO content strategy for the company. Our primary focus was clear from the very start, which was creating quality content that resonated with their target audience: busy managers in search of a hassle-free solution for signing documents digitally.

After the content is produced, we also had to increase SignHouse’s visibility by helping them build a robust backlink profile. We determined five key pages on their website that are critical for driving conversion (the page containing all the free templates they have, for example.) Backlinks are acquired and set up around these pages to ensure high conversion.

Once we’ve established the general strategy and guidelines, we simply need to follow them from one tranche of content to another. This not only simplifies how our writers work, but it also ensures the content delivered to SignHouse is consistent and on time, as reflected in their review of our service.

"Embarque's level of professionalism and overall knowledge within the industry stands out. They put in a lot of due diligence before getting started, and it's ensured we've had a smooth project. Also, I really appreciate their follow-through and willingness to deliver."

The Results — x60 Organic Traffic Growth within 6 Months

When we started in late 2022, the flow of organic traffic to SignHouse hovered between 0 to 100 per month.

After putting our plan into action and content started rolling out almost daily on their brand-new blog section, we began to see significant growth within just 2-3 months. By January 2023, they already crossed the 1,000 organic traffic milestone.

SignHouse’s organic traffic experienced a meteoric rise throughout the first half of 2023, with no dips whatsoever in monthly traffic.

By July 2023, they’d already crossed the 60,000 milestone to around 66,000 organic visitors per month.

The amount of referring domains that pointed back to SignHouse also rose in lockstep with their organic traffic. This is a highly positive sign that, besides our content strategy, our backlinking effort is also paying dividends for the client.

According to SignHouse themselves, Embarque has saved them over 8-12 months of work alone:

We're super super happy with the time Embarque saved us (I estimate they've saved us 8 to 12 months), since results started kicking in faster. That's without mentioning the upside of the product-based SEO efforts.

Key Takeaways

  • Starting from scratch can be an opportunity: Embarque had the unique opportunity to build SignHouse's digital presence from the ground up. This clean slate allowed for the implementation of best SEO practices right from the get-go.
  • Tailored strategies for the win: A one-size-fits-all approach wouldn't have worked for SignHouse. By working closely with their team, Embarque developed a custom SEO content strategy to fit their circumstances and preferences and target the audience they want to reach the most.
  • Consistency is crucial: Establishing general strategy guidelines enabled a smooth and consistent production pipeline. The writing process is simplified, and we were able to deliver productised content that’s both on-brand and on-time.
  • Focused backlinking can drive conversion: Besides ramping up visibility through quality content, Embarque also strategically optimised key pages on the client’s website with backlinks. This targeted approach has been instrumental in driving high conversion rates for SignHouse.

Get Ahead of the SEO Curve with Embarque!

SignHouse remains a part of our clientele to this day, and, as you can see in the graph above, their traffic growth is still moving upward with little signs of stopping. New content is delivered daily, as well as fresh backlinks.

There’s no shortage of such success stories among our clients. Wants to star in our next successful case study? Just reach out to our founder through, and our team will get you started!