Guest Post Guidelines & Template

Looking for content marketing write for us opportunities? Look no further. Embarque is a premium productized agency providing SEO services that help startups scale fast. If you’re a skilled writer with digital marketing expertise and a flair for creating engaging content, keep reading to learn how to write for us!

Why Write For Us?

We work with professional content creators who have valuable branding and digital marketing knowledge to guarantee high-quality copy. And we have the results to prove it too. Our content marketing services have boosted our clients search traffic significantly and even increased revenues by more than 100%.

We’re always looking for talented content creators to contribute digital marketing guest posts to our blog. Guest blogging for Embarque is a great way to establish your topical authority on content marketing, business marketing, and digital marketing, get backlinks from a reputable site, and expand your audience.

Think you’ve got what it takes to write for us? Check out our guidelines on how to become a contributor, then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

How To Write For Us

Select A Topic From The List

We don’t accept guest posts on topics we already have written about.. However, we do have a list of keywords for your article to target. Pick a topic that you’re confident writing about, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

Embarque’s blog covers a range of topics around digital marketing aiming to give our current and potential clients actionable advice for their business marketing strategy. If you have experience writing about the following keywords, you could be exactly who we’re looking for:

  • SEO: local, global, and technical SEO; keyword research; backlinking, SEO writing and copywriting; content optimization; off- and on-page SEO, and guides and reviews to SEO tools, for example this comprehensive guide to global SEO
  • Digital marketing: social media, PPC, and social proof marketing
  • Growth marketing: growth hacks, conversion optimization tactics

Minimum word count: 1000 words.

We DON’T publish:

  • Articles that have no value to our readers
  • Articles with claims that have no proof
  • Articles that have been posted elsewhere
  • Articles focusing on topics we’ve already covered
  • Articles that are full of mistakes and clearly haven’t been proofread
  • Articles that are clearly for pure self-promotion

Follow Our Content Guidelines

At Embarque, we’re very proud of our high-quality content. Being an SEO agency providing high-quality content, it’s critical that our blog reflects the level of work we provide to our clients. So, everything we publish follows a strict editorial process and anyone who wants to write for us must follow our content and style guidelines to guarantee quality.

Create Original Content

We have a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism and content written by AI tools. We will cease ties with any writers who break this rule.

Let’s be clear: Google doesn’t like duplicate, plagiarized, or AI-written content, neither do we, and nor do our readers. Posting an article that appears elsewhere on the Internet or that is written by a robot will cause Google to penalize our rankings. But not only that, it won’t provide the quality, original, actionable content we are committed to giving our valued audience.

Check your content isn’t plagiarizing anyone else’s work (even accidentally) in the following ways:

  • Sentences and headings copy-pasted from other published articles with just a word or two altered.
  • The ideas and research shared in the article are exactly the same as those in another published article.
  • The explanations, examples and extended metaphors are identical to those in other peoples’ work.

Do comprehensive research from a variety of sources and draw your own conclusions, metaphors and examples explained in your own way.

Follow A Logical Structure

Considering that almost 80% of Internet users scan read articles they find online rather than reading them in-depth, it is critical that the guest blogs you write for us be easy to read. Following a logical article outline and using clear, keyword-targeted headings is the best way to ensure your article will appeal to the majority of users. And of course, the more people read your guest post and the longer they spend reading it, the higher it will rank on Google. Win-win!

Check out an example of a good blog structure with this article comparing Embarque and other SEO content writing services and implement the below template to frame the article you write for us.

Digital Marketing Guest Post Outline Template


  • Mention keyword(s) in the first line
  • Mention the brand name (hyperlinked)
  • Keep it brief
  • Hook the reader with useful information to prove the article’s value to them without giving too much away

Main Body

  • Use H2>H3>H4 headings that include the keywords
  • Paragraphs have 45 words max
  • If a section has more than 4 paragraphs, create subsections
  • At least 2 linked brand feature CTA's per 1k words


  • Heading should be a CTA
  • Briefly sum up the article’s key takeaways
  • Include a brand CTA and hyperlink

Be Comprehensive & Specific

Our digital marketing guest posts should read like a tutorial, approaching the topic with comprehensive insights, thorough information, and solutions that readers can act upon. Rather than high-level fluff, generic ideas and unnecessary explanations, you should include well-researched practical tactics and models when you write for us.

Your research should be contextualized with relevant, referenced statistics and examples. Make sure that your analysis, anecdotes and metaphors are original, and include product screenshots to allow readers to visualize your points.

Equally, be specific about the product you’re selling. That means showing your audience how Embarque can improve the way they do content marketing. For example, by including a case study of how we helped MentorCruise increase their revenue by 800% through effective keyword research and SEO optimization.

Lastly, ensure you mention Embarque throughout the guest post, hyperlinking to the home page or a relevant article with a good anchor text each time.

Make Your Writing Easy To Read

We’re a friendly bunch at Embarque and we want the content you write for us to reflect that! Your digital marketing guest post should be clear and straight to the point. Remember you need to capture the attention of that skim-reading majority of readers.

Your content should read like a continuation of the other posts on our site. Make sure you’ve read a few of our blog articles before you write for us so you can maintain the conversational tone we use.

Keep To Our Style Guidelines

  • Write in American English
  • Use title case for headings
  • Maintain 45-60 words per paragraph
  • No more than 4 paragraphs per section
  • Use bullet points for lists to make the information clearer to read
  • Sentences should be simple and flow from one idea to the next
  • Vary sentence length to convey tone and mood

For more inspiration and guidelines on how to write for us, have a read of our guides to SEO writing and great blog writing.

Include Reliable & Relevant Links

Having an effective linking strategy is an important part of SEO and allows Google to better recognise and rank our content. It also lets you give credit to the source of any data or images you use when you write for us, avoiding any plagiarism issues and giving readers the opportunity to find more information if they want.

Best Practices For Links

  • External links should direct to a trustworthy and reliable site. If crediting statistics, link to the original study, not just another article that quotes the data.
  • External and internal links should be relevant in context.
  • Anchor text should read naturally in your article and be close to the content of the linked page (see the examples in this guide).
  • We do not permit promotional links, out-of-context links, and links to other companies’ services in our content. These will be removed.

Proofread, Edit & Review

We want polished articles that reflect the high quality of the rest of our services and that our audience can read easily to benefit from the value of the content. So, it’s essential that you proofread, spellcheck, and review your digital marketing guest post before sending it to us. Whatever platform you use to write, there are plenty of free grammar and spelling checking tools, like Grammarly, to help you out.

It’s also worth SEO editing your article: making changes so the content appeals more to search engine algorithms to get your guest post ranking on Google.

Want To Write For Us? Get In Touch!


Think you’ve got what it takes? We welcome new contributors to write for us! If you’re a professional content creator with great English writing skills and knowledge of digital marketing, please get in touch with us at Just remember to follow the guidelines and have a read of the Embarque blog while you write for us.

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