Our mammoth guide to SEO content for job boards

With CareerBuilder reporting that nearly 75 percent of professionals use Google to start looking for jobs, SEO has become a crucial acquisition channel for job boards everywhere. To help you position your job board as a beacon of opportunity, this Embarque guide will provide some tips on how you can use SEO content for job boards. ‍Using SEO, you can propel your job board's visibility, attract top talent, and get more job listing clients.

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Overview: Emphasizing the importance of SEO for job boards, our collaboration with 4 Day Week led to a significant increase in visibility and traffic. This initiative highlights the effectiveness of our tailored SEO strategies in enhancing online presence and drawing attention to job listings.

Why you can trust us: Our success with 4 Day Week demonstrates our expertise. In just three months, we generated more than 21,000 monthly clicks for six articles, significantly increasing the platform's online presence and search ranking.

Why this is important: Effective SEO for job boards brings more site traffic, ensures job postings rank on the first page of search engines, and increases the likelihood of attracting top-tier candidates. This is crucial, as most job searches are conducted online and a strong online presence is key to attracting the right candidates​.

Action points: To create impactful SEO content for job boards, start with a competitive analysis of top job boards. Understand their content strategies, targeted keywords, and overall SEO approach. Tools like Ahrefs can help identify organic competitors and analyze their strategies​

Further research: Partnering with a specialized SEO content agency like Embarque can significantly enhance your job board's performance. Our expertise in crafting tailored strategies helps in navigating SEO complexities and optimizing job postings to attract ideal candidates.

Struggling to make SEO content for job boards?

With CareerBuilder reporting that nearly 75 percent of professionals use Google to start looking for jobs, SEO has become a crucial acquisition channel for job boards everywhere. To help you position your job board as a beacon of opportunity, this Embarque guide will provide some tips on how you can use SEO content for job boards. 

Using SEO, you can propel your job board's visibility, attract top talent, and get more job listing clients.

Why listen to us?

Mastering SEO for job boards is our strength at Embarque. For 4dayweek.io, we refined their SEO blogging strategy, enabling them to rank for high-value queries in under a day and attract thousands in search traffic within the first month. This strategy led to over 21,000 monthly search clicks and an increase in weekly visits from 1,000 to 4,500 in just three months​​. Our focused content strategies not only improved their Google rankings but also established their topical authority in tech interviews.

What is SEO content for job boards?

SEO content for job boards refers to the strategic implementation of targeted keywords and phrases within job postings to enhance their visibility in search engine results. 

By optimizing job posts for key queries, job posting sites can increase their chances of ranking higher in search engines like Google, which then makes them more visible to potential candidates on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

This approach uses effective keyword research, content strategy, and SEO best practices to ensure that job posts are discoverable by job seekers, resulting in increased applicant engagement and response rates. 

With the right SEO tactics, job boards can significantly improve their online presence, attract a larger pool of qualified candidates, and drive the success of their recruitment efforts.

If you're looking to achieve remarkable results on your SEO, consider hiring Embarque, a leading SEO content agency for job boards. Throughout this article, we’ll be including examples featuring 4 day week, a job board for 4 day week jobs. Using SEO, Embarque significantly enhanced the visibility of 4 Day Week's job postings. As a result, the job board experienced a remarkable surge in organic search traffic, securing an impressive 72,000 monthly search clicks within a short timeframe.

Why is SEO content for job boards Important?

1. It brings more traffic to your site

Job boards rely on a steady stream of job applicants and companies posting their job listings to the platform. Using SEO, you can target topics regularly searched by these target customers.

2. It helps your job posting rank on the first page of search engines

When job seekers conduct online job searches, search engines analyze keywords from job boards and websites to determine the top 10 links displayed on each Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

Surprisingly, even though approximately 30% of Google searches are job-related, only 5% of individuals venture beyond the first page of search results. This emphasizes the importance of securing a position on the first page for relevant search terms, underscoring the importance of search engine visibility for job boards and websites. 

3. It increases the likelihood of attracting top-tier candidates

By enhancing your job board to attract more visitors, you significantly improve the chances of finding the ideal candidate quickly and with minimal effort. Research shows that 64% of candidates research a company before applying for a job. If candidates are unable to find relevant information online, 37% of them choose not to apply. This highlights the importance of having a strong online presence to attract and engage potential candidates.

How To Create SEO Content for job boards

Follow these steps to create an effective SEO content strategy for job boards:

1. Content Strategy 

Creating SEO content for job boards involves developing a content strategy that focuses on optimizing your content for search engines and attracting your target audience. Here are some key steps you can take:

a. Competitive Analysis: Start by analyzing your competitors in the job board industry. Identify the top-ranking job boards and examine their content strategies. Look for the keywords they are targeting, the types of content they create, and their overall approach to SEO. 

For instance, you can use Ahrefs to generate a list of organic competitors based on the similarities in keywords and organic search traffic. Here’s how it looks for 4 day week.

This competitive map allows you to compare your job board with others based on organic traffic (y-axis), organic traffic value (x-axis), and the number of organic pages (circle size).

On the map, each competitor is represented by a circle. The size of the circle indicates the number of pages that competitor has indexed by search engines. The larger the circle, the more pages they have. The vertical position on the y-axis shows the level of organic traffic, while the horizontal position on the x-axis represents the organic traffic value.

To track the pace at which your competitors are creating pages, you can utilize the Compare mode within the competitive map feature. When enabling Compare mode, you'll be able to observe the changes in your competitors' page creation over time.

B. Keyword Research

Using Ahrefs for keyword research can provide valuable insights into search volume, keyword difficulty, and related keyword ideas.

Start by entering a seed keyword or phrase related to your job board or the content you want to create. This could be a broad keyword like "job listings" or a more specific one like "IT jobs in California."

Ahrefs will present an overview of the keyword, including search volume, keyword difficulty, and a breakdown of the top-ranking pages. Evaluate the search volume to understand how popular the keyword is and assess its potential value.

Explore the metrics provided by Ahrefs for the keyword. Pay attention to metrics like Keyword Difficulty (KD), Clicks, Return Rate, and Cost Per Click (CPC). These metrics can help you assess the competition and commercial intent associated with the keyword.

2. Define your different SEO pages

Different SEO pages on a job board attract traffic with different search intents. If you’ve effectively done the previous point, you’ll notice that most job boards contain these key pages. We’ll provide examples from the 4 day week.

Start with your home page

The homepage of your job board plays a crucial role in attracting traffic and improving SEO. Here are key areas to optimize on your homepage:

Optimizing these key areas on your homepage can improve search engine visibility, attract more relevant traffic, and enhance the overall user experience of your job board.

Job category and listing pages


Job category pages on your job board are valuable opportunities to optimize for specific keywords. Here are effective SEO tactics to implement:

For example, if you have a job listing titled "Custoer Success Manager", you can optimize it further by incorporating relevant keywords and location information in the title, meta description, headings, and URL structure of the individual job listing page.

Blog pages

Career blogs serve as valuable resources for individuals seeking to achieve their career goals. Whether someone is embarking on their first job search, considering a career change, or simply looking for advice on maximizing their work life, career blogs offer a wealth of information and guidance. These blogs provide strategies for effective job searches, networking advice to expand professional connections, tips for crafting impressive resumes and performing well in interviews, and a wide range of other valuable insights.

3. Scalable keyword & topic optimization

By integrating specific keywords and phrases into your job postings, website content, and meta data, you can optimize your content for highly specific job seeker queries, increasing the likelihood of appearing in relevant search results.

Some scalable topic examples you can scale and acquire traffic from

Here are some of the topics we’ve targeted with 4 day week to quickly scale their search traffic.

Create blogs about Salary Data Statistics

Blog posts that provide salary data statistics for different roles are highly relevant for both job seekers and employers. 

Job seekers often search for salary information as they explore new opportunities, while employers research compensation data when hiring for specific roles. 

Creating blog posts that cover salary data statistics can attract both audiences and establish your job board as a valuable resource for industry-specific compensation insights.

Case in point, as you can see in this Ahrefs example, salary-related queries acquires around 29 million searches per month


Create blog posts about Interview Questions & Processes

Job seekers often search for interview tips and questions to prepare for their job search, while recruiters and employers seek standard interview questions to evaluate candidates effectively. Creating blog posts that address these topics can attract and engage both job seekers and recruiters, positioning your job board as a valuable source of interview-related guidance and resources.

Example: Interview questions according to Ahrefs

Examples of well-written blog post

Create blogs with Job Description Templates

When individuals search for job description templates in a specific niche, it is highly likely that they are in the process of writing a job description. By offering helpful job description templates on your website, you can assist them in their task and capture their interest. Once they discover your website and benefit from the provided templates, they may also be inclined to post the job on your job board, recognizing the value and relevance of your platform for their hiring needs.

Examples of job description queries according to Ahrefs:


4. Build backlinks

Backlinks play a crucial role in SEO campaigns, yet they are often overlooked. They form the backbone of your website's reputation and visibility in search engine rankings. A strong "backlink profile" consists of high-quality domains linking to your landing pages, signaling to Google that your website is trustworthy and authoritative. It's like receiving a glowing recommendation from a powerful ally.

To improve your search engine ranking through backlinks, it's important to generate high-quality links. One effective approach is to leverage your industry connections and request them to include backlinks to your pages on their websites. Here are some ways to accomplish this:

Remember, the key is to focus on obtaining backlinks from reputable sources that are relevant to your industry.

6. Benchmark and assess strategy

The field of SEO is constantly evolving, with strategies and techniques that were effective in the past becoming outdated over time. However, there are fundamental principles that remain important for achieving success. Here are some key strategies and tactics to consider:

Last-Minute Best Practices for Creating SEO Content for Job Boards

To ensure optimal user experience and improve your job board's SEO, it's crucial to follow best practices for creating SEO content specifically tailored for mobile devices. Here are some recommendations:

Don’t overuse job description keywords

While it's important to include relevant job keywords in your job descriptions for SEO purposes, please avoid excessive keyword repetition. Search engines are designed to identify and penalize content that appears to be keyword stuffing or artificially manipulating rankings.

To ensure your job descriptions maintain a natural and readable flow, consider the following tips:

Test your page on mobile

Mobile testing is crucial for optimizing your job board's performance, considering that 58% of Glassdoor users search for job opportunities on their mobile devices. 

Before sharing a job post, conduct thorough testing on various mobile devices, including different platforms (e.g., iOS and Android). 

Think about your website hierarchy

Technical SEO plays a crucial role in optimizing your website's performance and visibility in search engine results. To better understand its components and hierarchy, let's break down the levels of the technical SEO pyramid:

Write the perfect meta description

Writing a compelling meta description is an important aspect of SEO. The meta description appears at the top of the user's web browser and serves as a concise summary of your webpage's content. It also appears on Google's search results page below the title tag, acting as a snippet that provides users with a preview of what they can expect from your page.

To create an effective meta description, consider the following best practices:


SEO content for job boards is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance the visibility of your job postings and attract top-tier candidates. By strategically implementing targeted keywords and optimizing your job posts, you can improve your search engine rankings, increase traffic to your site, and establish your job board as a go-to resource in the industry.

The importance of SEO content for job boards lies in its ability to bring more relevant traffic to your site. Through an effective SEO content strategy, you can attract job seekers to your job listings..

To harness these benefits and unlock the true potential of SEO content for job boards, partnering with a specialized SEO content agency like Embarque can make all the difference. With their expertise in crafting tailored strategies, Embarque empowers you to navigate the complex world of SEO, optimize your job postings effectively, and attract top-tier talent that aligns with your company culture and objectives.

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