Quality backlinks shouldn't be expensive. We place high value on providing affordable and premium white-hat services.

Getting quality niche edits can be tricky business. In general, the whole process of backlinking can be incredibly opaque and shady for non-SEO's. And if you're an SEO yourself, you'll know how it can be incredibly time-consuming to prospect, reach out to quality domains, and have your links published. Most agile marketing teams have no time for that!

At Embarque, we take pride in taking transparency and being data-driven very seriously. With hypergrowth self-funded startups such as VEED and Flick, which have become multimillion dollar behemoths in under a year through SEO, as part of our loyal clientele, our results speak for themselves. Just have a go through our case studies to see what we've helped our clients achieve.

Get relevant niche edits from websites with a domain rating of 40 or above through safe linkswapping tactics that significantly bring down our operational costs.

Not only is multi-linkswapping the safest way to acquire quality backlinks, it allows us to target premium domains that would not have been available to get a link from through traditional linkbuilding tactics.

We use different prospecting and SEO tools, such as Buzzstream and Ahrefs, to make sure that we are agile and effective. As time goes on, we have been able to forge quality relationships with domains across a variety of niches to make the process of backlinking even more efficient.