How We Optimize For Google’s Search Generative Experience

We discuss the importance of Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE) for online businesses, emphasizing its necessity in the digital era. SGE combines AI with search engine functionality to create personalized, contextually relevant search outcomes.

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Overview: We discuss the importance of Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE) for online businesses, emphasizing its necessity in the digital era. SGE combines AI with search engine functionality to create personalized, contextually relevant search outcomes.

Why you can trust us: As an experienced SEO agency, we have a proven track record in optimizing content for enhanced search experiences. Take our work with CleanVoice, a SaaS tool using AI for audio editing. Through strategic SEO techniques, we increased their monthly SEO traffic by 30K, resulting in a 300% increase in MRR.

Why this is important: Understanding and using SGE is important for startups to stay competitive. It transforms user interaction with search queries, making them more intuitive and engaging, which is essential for digital success.

Action points: Entrepreneurs should embrace SGE to refine their digital strategies. This includes leveraging AI to produce dynamic content within search outcomes and adapting to the conversational search mode for better user engagement.

Further research: Keep learning about SGE to use it better. Focus on how it changes the way users search and how it makes search results more relevant.

Want to learn more about Google’s Search Generative Experience?

Startup founders continuously strive to stay competitive by adopting the latest technologies and strategies. One focus is the AI-powered conversational mode called ‘Search Generative Experience’ (SGE).

Google’s recent introduction of SGE has increased its relevance. According to Statista, search queries about generative AI became very popular in February 2023. To further highlight its importance, Google is launching advanced generative AI capabilities to help users understand web-based information better. 

In this Embarque guide, we’ll explain why understanding SGE is not just an option but a necessity for entrepreneurs in the digital era. We’ll explore the foundational principles and tactics behind SGE, and provide startup leaders with the knowledge to harness its transformative power and achieve optimum success in the digital world.

Why listen to us?

We at Embarque have firsthand experience in improving SEO strategies tailored to Google's evolving search landscape. Our case studies showcase this: we've transformed a software program's dwindling website traffic into over 20,000 monthly organic visits within six months​​. For 4 Day Week, we refined their SEO blogging to secure 21,000 monthly search clicks and quick rankings for key queries​​.

These SEO wins are proof of our expertise in adapting to Google's search algorithms, making us well-equipped to discuss the Search Generative Experience.

What is Search Generative Experience?

The Search Generative Experience represents a forefront concept fusing artificial intelligence (AI) with search engine operations. It deploys AI algorithms to dynamically produce content within search outcomes, offering users personalized, contextually pertinent details. This transformative strategy reshapes the user interaction with search queries, enhancing intuitiveness and engagement.

Google's objective is to empower users to comprehend and synthesize web-discovered information more effectively. Among the updates include enabling users to preview word definitions and access related images or diagrams upon hovering over specific terms. This enriching feature spans Google's AI-generated responses across subjects like STEM, economics, and history, amplifying the educational potential of search interactions. 

For example if someone searches "What's better for a family with kids under 3 and a dog, Bryce Canyon or Arches," the Search Generative Experience would not only provide relevant search results. It would also dynamically generate a comparison between Bryce Canyon and Arches National Park based on factors such as family-friendliness, accessibility with young children and a dog, available amenities, and scenic attributes. 

The AI-powered content might include user reviews from families who have visited these places with similar circumstances, along with images showcasing the landscapes, trails, and facilities.

And that’s not all, the AI-driven search experience could offer insights into the climate and weather conditions at both locations during specific times of the year, helping the user make an informed decision about the most suitable time to visit with their family and dog. 

This personalized content generation ensures that the user's query is not just answered with generic information, but rather with contextually relevant and tailored details that directly address their needs and preferences.

How Search Generative Experience can benefit you?

Enables searching in conversational mode

Imagine a search experience that mimics natural conversations - this is what the Search Generative Experience offers. 

Instead of traditional search queries, you can ask questions and receive specific responses as if you were chatting with a knowledgeable companion. This simplifies the search process, allowing you to ask questions in a more detailed and human-like manner. As a result, your digital journey becomes both enjoyable and effortless.

Easily get up to speed on a new or complicated topic

The Search Generative Experience helps you quickly understand new or complex subjects. It uses AI-powered summaries and insights to provide a concise yet comprehensive overview. Whether you’re a professional, or just curious, this tool helps you grasp unfamiliar topics and gain fresh perspectives that can help you get ahead in your niche.

Exploring new subjects can be overwhelming, but SGE quickly familiarizes you with the key points. Its AI-powered summaries and insights give you a concise yet thorough understanding, making it invaluable for efficient learners and those interested in complex ideas.

Uncover quick tips for your specific questions

Need a rapid solution or a nugget of wisdom for a specific query? The Search Generative Experience streamlines this process by offering tailored answers directly within your search results. 

Whether you're seeking product recommendations or seeking advice, this approach ensures you receive concise information that caters precisely to your query. This saves time and energy, providing immediate answers without wading through extensive content.

Google’s Search Generative Experience Features

AI Snapshot

SGE provides concise and informative summaries to counteract the overwhelming amount of information that complex queries often produce. Instead of sifting through endless results, AI generates snapshots that capture the essence of your inquiry.


For instance, if you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker for a pool party, SGE analyzes your query and generates a tailored summary. This summary includes a curated list of top-rated Bluetooth speakers designed for poolside use, highlighting waterproof or water-resistant features, durability, and audio performance.

 SGE may also provide additional details like price range, customer reviews, and specifications, enabling you to make an informed decision without going through multiple search results.

Conversational Mode


SGE is a conversational search tool that goes beyond answering your initial question. It understands context and seamlessly responds to additional queries, creating a more intuitive and engaging search experience. This feature was demonstrated by Google’s Kathy Edwards at Google I/O, where she searched for whale songs and then followed up with a request for plush whale toys under $40.

SGE recognized the connection and provided relevant links. This presents an opportunity for businesses to optimize their content for conversational searches by focusing on expertise, authority, trustworthiness, and building site credibility. 

In terms of advertising, businesses should adapt to these conversational searches by using phrases and broad match keywords, and monitoring search terms to add new negative keywords for long-tail queries. Google’s SGE Conversational Mode provides examples of this functionality.

Examples of Google's SGE Conversational Mode

Travel Context
Cooking Context
Tech Context

Vertical Experiences

SGE's innovation isn't confined to general searches. Vertical experiences cater to specialized domains, such as travel or product searches. These tailored journeys present users with their preferred features and delve into product specifics. This targeted approach ensures that users receive relevant and in-depth information.

SGE accomplishes this by going through vast databases (like Google’s Shopping Graph) and refining results based on the multiple parameters set by the user. 

For those in ecommerce, SGE can synthesize information to provide helpful summaries and, in commercial searches, even offer product suggestions complete with AI-crafted descriptions, reviews, pricing, and availability.

Examples of Google's SGE Vertical Experiences

Home Gym Equipment
Healthy Cooking

Things you need to learn about Search Generative Experience

Now, let’s get into the specifics of what you need to take note of when working with SGE. 

1. Google’s five-point approach to Generative AI

Information needs

SGE aims to streamline the process of obtaining information by reducing the number of steps required for users to get the desired information.

Information quality

In the vast ocean of digital content, accuracy and reliability are paramount. SGE places a strong emphasis on ensuring that the content it generates is factually correct and trustworthy. Through rigorous algorithms and continuous learning, it aims to minimize the spread of misinformation and provide users with content they can rely on.

Safety constraints

As an AI-driven system, SGE is acutely aware of the potential risks associated with misinformation, harmful content, or biased outputs. Therefore, it incorporates robust safety constraints that work to filter out content that could be misleading, offensive, or unsafe. This proactive approach prioritizes user safety and the quality of information presented.


SGE doesn't exist in isolation, it's part of a broader ecosystem that thrives on collaboration. Google actively engages with developers, researchers, and experts in the field to refine and enhance the SGE experience continually. This collaborative effort ensures that SGE remains at the cutting edge of generative AI, adapting to changing user behaviors and evolving information landscapes.


Advertisements are an integral part of the digital landscape, but their integration must be done responsibly. SGE acknowledges this and seamlessly incorporates advertisements in a way that respects user experience. By ensuring that ads are relevant, non-intrusive, and contextually appropriate, SGE strikes a balance between user needs and business objectives.

2. Ecommerce in SGE


When someone searches for something on Google and it seems like they want to buy it, Google shows a special section at the top with sponsored products. The products that appear in the search results are a bit different from the sponsored and regular shopping listings. Instead of being linked to a specific store, they have additional filters and options to buy them.

Here are the implications of these changes:

3. SGE SERP impact on user search behavior

Traditionally, searchers engaged in multiple queries, sifting through SERPs to gather information. Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE) has revolutionized this process. By offering summarized insights from diverse sources in one result, users access answers swiftly, saving time and avoiding deep SERP dives.

Imagine a user exploring meditation benefits. Previously, separate queries were needed for mental and physical advantages. SGE provides a concise overview from various sources, streamlining exploration. This shift is most apparent in tech-savvy Gen Z, readily embracing AI enhancements for search precision.

SGE's impact extends to digital dynamics. Clickthrough rates (CTR) may shift as comprehensive answers on the initial SERP limit further exploration. This could decrease page views as users gain thorough responses in one view.

Marketers and advertisers can find opportunity amid change. While SGE excels in information, it's less effective for product guidance. Adapting content to cater to succinct SGE-style queries enhances visibility. This proactive shift ensures continued engagement in the evolving SGE landscape.

4. Citations and links

The shift from Google Bard to SGE underscores technology's dual role in shaping and strengthening the publisher ecosystem. Remember the initial launch of Google Bard? Its scarce citations and links left us puzzled, creating a disconnect from original sources. SGE, however, revitalizes linking, fostering a more symbiotic relationship with publishers.

SGE's innovative linking approach sets it apart by fostering a holistic strategy. It provides explicit answers with rich snippets, including thumbnail images, titles, and clickable URLs. This approach restores transparency and nurtures a healthier linking ecosystem. SGE's AI model synthesizes data from diverse reputable sources, cross-referencing facts for comprehensive answers. Google highlights citations supporting the synthesized content, ensuring accuracy and trustworthiness.

5. SGE for business

SGE ushers in a new era of refined leads. Swift and comprehensive summarizations empower users with a holistic understanding. This translates to a more targeted audience for businesses, already well-versed in offerings upon arrival.

Notably, advertising gains prominence. Despite SGE, Google Ads remain steadfast, ensuring no negative impact for businesses investing in product promotion. SGE and Google Ads can peacefully coexist, forming a dual-front approach for businesses to reach potential customers.

Yet, SGE's true prowess lies in Generative AI Shopping. Here, users access comprehensive snapshots—product specs, reviews, descriptions—directly in search results. This empowers users to decide even before clicking, which streamlines conversions.

Imagine a laptop seeker encountering SGE's Generative AI Shopping. A glimpse of laptop specs, reviews, images—all pre-click—empowers informed decisions. This elevates the conversion journey, delivering conversion-ready traffic. Google becomes a pre-conversion partner, priming users for decisive actions.

6. SGE for bloggers

SGE aims to provide precise and accurate answers to complex queries, resulting in a shift in how search results are displayed. One significant change is the introduction of Snapshots, which claim screen space and push traditional blue links further down. While this transformation raises concerns about reduced organic traffic for bloggers, Google is committed to driving valuable traffic. Although the specifics are still unclear, Google's assurance suggests that organic traffic will be retained despite the changes brought by SGE.

With the rise of generative AI answers, bloggers now need to emphasize their expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (EEAT). Google's evaluation of the value of online resources plays a crucial role and may influence which resources are showcased alongside AI-generated answers. Bloggers who invest in credible and high-quality content have a higher chance of being featured. However, beyond the implications for search engine optimization (SEO), bloggers also face the challenge of delivering valuable content.

7. Human input and evaluation

Central to SGE's efficiency is robust human input. Independent Search Quality Raters anchor this, evaluating search result quality. Their discernment gauges relevance, accuracy, and overall content quality, guiding AI model refinement.

Imagine querying "Healthy meal plans for vegetarians with protein-rich options." SGE's AI yields summaries, but human evaluators ensure nutrition, suitability, and protein content. This blend of AI precision and human insight creates not just accuracy but user-centric results.

8. Plagiarism

The most extreme criticisms of SGE are related to instances where it seems to have copied entire sections of text from websites without clear attribution.

An example shared on Twitter by Rebekah Edwards shows that the bullet list in the SGE is identical to the text in the featured snippet below it. This indicates that the content was taken from the Rejuvenation Dentistry page linked in the featured snippet.

Other plagiarism issues arising from SGE lifting text directly from websites without clear attribution are as follows:

Concerns arise due to potential lack of clear attribution by SGE, leading to confusion and misrepresentation of sources.

9. SGE continues to improve

It’s important to remember that SGE is an ever-evolving technology. Google's commitment to refinement and enhancement is evident as SGE continues to undergo improvements. Continuous feedback from users, experts, and human evaluators fuels the iterative process, ensuring that SGE adapts to changing user behaviors, technological advancements, and the evolving information landscape. This dedication to improvement guarantees that SGE remains a cutting-edge tool for enhancing search experiences.

As you delve deeper into the realm of Search Generative Experience, remember that Embarque is your trusted partner. We specialize in crafting SEO content strategies that drive rapid search traffic growth and constructing effective email marketing funnels. Whether you're a startup, e-commerce business, blogger, or established company, Embarque is your one-stop solution for premium content that converts. Together, we can harness the power of SGE to propel your brand to new heights in the digital world.

Wrapping up

In the fast-paced world of digital entrepreneurship, embracing the "Search Generative Experience" isn't just a choice, it's a necessity. Our guide has illuminated why startups must grasp this concept to stay competitive and flourish in the digital age.

From conversational searches to a rapid understanding of complex topics, SGE offers a range of benefits. 

As you explore this transformative landscape, remember that Embarque, a leading content marketing agency, is here to guide you. With a proven record of helping startups grow, Embarque specializes in SEO strategies and impactful content creation. Whether you're a startup, e-commerce business, blogger, or established company, Embarque is your partner in harnessing the power of SGE for digital success. Unlock the potential of Search Generative Experience with Embarque today!

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