Stop targeting the wrong keywords.
Let Embarque help you move your business forward.

Embarque’s keyword research services provide different types of long-tail keywords with low keyword difficulty (KD) for a successful SEO strategy. We’ll look for different types of relevant, long-tail keywords with high conversion rates. These include informational keywords that will turn your domain into a topical authority and expert in your niche, high search volume topics that will bring in 5-figure search traffic, and bottom-of-the-funnel queries searched by those actively wanting to buy your product.

Using tools powered by machine learning and extensive competition research, we will also provide keyword permutations around key short-tail terms that will help you scale your SEO content marketing process, like we’ve done for our past clients. Just take a look at Flick’s automatically-generated hashtag pages, MentorCruise’s mentor landing pages, or VEED’s myriad of landing pages around the same features searched differently.