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We've helped startups become multimillion-dollar businesses through our SEO content writing services. Drive traffic & win trust with quality content optimized for your target customers and search engine algorithms.

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Case study: How MentorCruise increased its annual revenue by 800% with Embarque
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Meet our Clients

High-quality SEO content to scale growth

With VEED, Riverside and Buy Me a Coffee as part of our clientele, we know what ranks and converts: well-researched content with a story to tell.

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"Content is King" goes the old adage. Let Embarque help you storytell your way to the throne and to the top of the SERPs.

Power through your SEO content marketing goals with high quality, yet affordable, SEO content writing services that please search engine algorithms and engage your audience simultaneously. Our content writing services provide you with consistent blog posts that are thorough, user-centric, and search-engine-optimized (SEO).

Just look at MentorCruise's 800% revenue growth from regular our SEO content marketing efforts or ScrumGenius' well-deserved position not 1 but 0 (even better) on the SERP. With rapidly-growing startups like VEED, Riverside and Flick as part of clientele, we also know a lot about growing fast and scaling your SEO content marketing processes.

Using AI search engine optimization (SEO) tools like Surfer SEO and content planners like Frase, we'll highlight important search queries from deep keyword research and plan semantically related content to optimize.

Industry-leading SEO tools like Ahrefs and other AI keyword research tools also show us long-tail keywords already bringing you web traffic so we can plan your next articles around them to maximize your potential for search engine rankings.

Last but not least, we pride ourselves in understanding how branding works within an SEO content marketing context. Every piece of SEO content you're going to get will have your specific tone of voice. Every SEO article will celebrate your product or service in a way that compels your target customers to convert.

SEO-friendly content will ultimately drive more convertible traffic to your website. Don't waste time vetting SEO writers and sending thorough briefs just to make sure that they get your content right. We'll do those things for you!

How Our SEO Content Writing Services Work

You place an order

Sit down with us

After placing an order for our SEO content writing service, you’ll have a questionnaire to complete around your brand, offerings, competitors, and topics you want to target.

We’ll do the work

Plan & write optimized content

After deep keyword research, we'll devise an appropriate content strategy, construct blog outlines, and write out search-engine-optimized blog posts.


Show the world your stuff.

Once we're done with the content optimization, every blog post will be scheduled for publication consecutively in a dedicated SEO content calendar for consistent content marketing.

Grow organically with a data-backed SEO content strategy made for you.

Ads are expensive and overrated. Create engaging SEO-friendly articles inspired by high-volume, low-competition long-tail keyword data. Embarque's team of professional content writers and SEO specialists will track your brand's ranking keywords and queries to continue optimizing your content marketing strategy around reliable, real-time SERP data.

Don't just pump out content for the sake of filling up your website's blog section. Make every blog post count with high-quality, Surfer-optimized content that delivers value, ranks, and converts.

✔ Deep keyword research and tracking

✔ Publish relevant SEO content only

✔ Optimize SEO strategy from data

Convert record-breaking traffic over time with weekly blog posts.

Top SERP rankings are a position earned by those who can play the long game. Embarque is an SEO writing agency that dominates long-term content strategy through dedicated SEO content calendars.

For small businesses, 1-2 a week is ideal for brand awareness and 3-4 for more organic traffic. Grow steadily with one of our affordable monthly subscriptions and publish quality-written content every week based on your business goals.

✔ Get a content calendar.

✔ Curate content based on seasonal trends

✔ High-quality content with your tone of voice

Outsource SEO content writing services catered to your in-house marketing needs for way cheaper.

An in-house SEO content writer starts at $35-50k annually. Outsourcing your website content to a reliable SEO writing company like Embarque is much cheaper in the long run.

Get access to winning strategies that convert, a full suite of industry-leading SEO tools helping your business grow, and professional SEO content writers with strict editorial standards to produce high-quality content all on a monthly subscription to save thousands a year.

✔ Full-suite of SEO tools handled by experts

✔ Save thousands annually by outsourcing

✔ Subscribe monthly and cancel anytime

Frequently asked questions

What is Embarque?
Embarque is a productized SEO content marketing agency that offers premium ghostwriting and SEO services at fixed and affordable costs. We’ve helped many bootstrappers and tech startups grow significantly through high quality content that is optimized for search and tailored specifically for our client's target readers. We firmly believe in the products and services of our clients, including their vision and objectives. 

What do we mean by online content writing services?
It's outsourcing all your content marketing to a third-party SEO writing company that understands the ins and outs behind the SEO in your industry. Embarque's online content writing services have professional writers with years of experience in different disciplines, SEO tools that help you stay on track with your SEO goals, and an editorial team to handle customer service needs.

Why do I need to publish high-quality content regularly?

Growing an engaged audience is key to long-term success for virtually every type of business. Whether it's interacting with your clients on social media, scaling your SEO efforts, or building an audience on LinkedIn or Twitter, you need high-quality content to meaningfully interact and engage with your target audience.

At the same time, the more you publish content around the same topics, the more these platforms' algorithms will come to see you as a topic authority and the more frequently they will show you to people who might want to read what you're thinking about. High-quality content matters because it's what people will come to associate you with, and higher engagement translates into brand growth in the long run.

How simple is the process?

The whole process can be as involved as you want it to be. Ultimately, it all boils down to client preferences. Some of our clients prefer to communicate everything via chat, instead of Zoom meetings. Others prefer to have monthly calls to get aligned on priorities and goals for the month.

After you complete our questionnaire and mention the topics you want for us to write about, we'll get on with our job. You'll get the finished draft in a Google Docs, where you can add suggestions or make your edits.

How many blog posts a week should I post?
The best SEO strategy varies from one brand to the next. But one thing remains universally true: consistency is key. For more brand awareness, 1-2 blog posts a week are ideal and 3-4 times a week will typically generate more visits from search engines. Embarque is a content writing service that you can subscribe to monthly at sustainable rates for cyclical SEO writing to consistently grow online traffic over time.

How do I pay? 
Just create an account on our customer portal, select the package(s) and option(s) you want to purchase, and proceed with your payment.

Once our system has processed the transaction, you’ll then have to answer some questions regarding your product/service, brand, competition, priorities, and goals. Your answers will help us determine how we can help you effectively. If you’re still unsure of the process, feel free to email our founder:

Who is writing my SEO content?
Your content marketing deliverables are all handled by an experienced content writer & strategist with valuable branding and marketing knowledge. All of our writers are rigorously vetted in research, branding, SEO copywriting and SEO content writing, and follow strict editorial guidelines.

Plus, they have access to a suite of SEO tools to help you stay on track with your goals and tweak the strategy if need be.You can work collaboratively with your writer on online editing platforms like Google Docs or converse on a video call to discuss strategy.

How long does it take to rank high in search engine results with SEO content writing?

Many of our long-term clients have begun ranking within days of publishing content

For clients new in SEO content writing, it typically takes anywhere from 2-4 months to see noticeable growth in organic search rankings. It's about quality over quantity. If you're just starting out, it may take longer to rank high because it can take some time to build up authority for your brand online.

What is the difference between SEO content writing and SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is articulating words to sell to customers and simultaneously rank in search engines through keywords. It's all about using the right keyword density, LSI keywords, and long-tail phrases within the compelling copy to help your website content rank as high as possible.

SEO content writing is the process of writing quality blog posts, articles, and other website content that people want to read. The goal is to help your customers and generate more natural traffic from search engines to grow brand awareness.

At Embarque, we'll handle the whole hiring process, saving you a significant amount of time, cost and energy. You'll then be able to focus on other things that allow your business to grow.

What is an SEO content calendar?
A content calendar helps you stay on track with your blogging schedule, saves you time, and saves money. With an SEO content writer by your side constantly providing quality website content, you're saving tons of time not having to brainstorm blog post ideas. You can also stay on top of things with months planned ahead and make changes when necessary without any extra hassle.


Flexible content packages that scale with your budget. We provide a project manager at any rate and volume.


💸 Save more than $960 with annual billing

Get 2-3 posts (4,500 words in total)

✓ Search optimized content

✓ Monthly SEO content calendar

✓ Project manager

✓ Join team meetings (up to 3 hours)

Get started

 💸 Save more than $1,500 with annual billing

Get 4-6 posts (8,000 words in total)

✓ Search optimized content

✓ Monthly SEO content calendar

✓ Project manager

✓ Join team meetings (up to 5 hours)

Get started

💸  Get customized plans fit

For enterprise use & white-label partnerships

✓ Fit for your needs

✓ Dedicated project manager

✓ Discounted long-term rates

✓ Join team meetings (up to 5 hours)


Options start at $40

Mix and match options and get discounts of up to 25% for orders over $500