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At Embarque, we have experience in helping SaaS businesses scale blazingly fast through a robust SEO strategy. With a strong client base of VEED, Riverside, Buy Me a Coffee and Flick, we know what it takes to build a very successful SEO engine for online software businesses with a global reach.

And our results speak for themselves. In less than a month, we helped ScrumGenius rank as a featured snippet for a phrase that receives over monthly 17,000 searches per month. MentorCruise saw an 800 percent boost in annual income after employing our strategy. Flick and 4 day week have seen their content rank under a day of tweaking and republishing.

We obtain backlinks from relevant high-quality domains with a domain rating of 40 or above through safe linkswapping tactics with our clients and their partners. Our methods  allow us to reduce our operating costs significantly and keep our pricing relatively low compared to other agencies offering similar services.

We use various tools to keep our processes streamlined and efficient, including Buzzstream and Ahrefs for prospecting and outreach. Over time, we've established quality relationships with SaaS businesses over a wide range of industries, allowing us to provide backlinks from domains that are a topical authority in their niches.