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At Embarque, we focus on two aspects of content writing: SEO and customer engagement. You need both to use your website effectively and make more sales. And sell you will. Google states that the average ROI on organic search content is over 5:1, beating paid search ads by nearly three times.

You could hire in-house content writers individually to run your organic search strategy. But that would be an inefficient use of your money. Embarque already has all the processes set up to engage your customers – at an affordable price. Join the likes of Flick and 4 day week - successful businesses that have grown through SEO thanks to our efforts.

SEO tools and AI techniques power our SEO strategy to help us pick keywords that entice your buyers. Evidence of the fruits of our efforts abound. Just check out ScrumGenius ranking at position 0 on the SERP within a month of starting to work with us. Other fast-growing startups like Flick and Riverside have benefited from our branded keyword targeting too.