Our ghostwriters for hire are domain experts. Get quality content without the back-and-forths.

We understand that outsourcing content creation can be tricky. At one, there's the issue of quality control. With the rise of AI-enabled writing assistants, there's a new crop of freelance writers that submit poorly-edited spun content that makes Samantha from Her sound like a fully-functioning human being. There's also the issue of making sure that the writing fit your brand's tone of voice and resonates with your target audience.

These are all very valid concerns, and we've made sure that our content writing process takes all of these things into account. At Embarque, we assess content on three different aspects: (1) tone of voice, (2) quality of research, and (3) storytelling. If we don't deliver on all of them, we provide the option of getting a refund.

Through Embarque, you can hire quality ghostwriters without the hassle of a cumbersome vetting process that can be costly and inefficient, especially when you don't find the right ghostwriter for the project. We also deliver all of our assets via Google Docs, which allows you to add suggestions and interact with the writer yourself. If not, then that's fine as well. Our project managers can handle the process, from beginning to end.

With the hearts of your target audience and the algorithms that govern our online space. With hyper-growth startups, such as VEED, Flick and Mailjet as part of our client base, we have a proven track record of creating premium content, so you're in safe hands.