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With VEED, Riverside and Flick as part of clientele, we know a thing or two about significantly scaling growth through SEO for SaaS companies. Build a winning SaaS SEO strategy with our experts to organically increase monthly traffic, leads, and recurring revenue for your SaaS company.

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Case study: How MentorCruise increased its annual revenue by 800% with Embarque
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...then you start ranking higher, subscriptions skyrocket, and it ends with a robust SEO content strategy and creation —happily ever after.

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Stop wasting thousands of dollars on ads.
Scale authentically with our SaaS SEO services for less.

Did you know that SEO is 3x more likely to convert than PPC? Turns out customers are more willing to subscribe when they find you. As a B2B SaaS SEO company, Embarque can help you become more discoverable and skyrocket your monthly subscriptions (like we did for MentorCruise, who are enjoying a 800% revenue growth as we speak).

With hypergrowth SaaS startups such as Mailjet, VEED, Flick and Buy Me a Coffee as part of our clientele, we have a track record of scaling SaaS growth to the next level through SEO.

Using professional tools like Ahrefs and Frase, our SaaS SEO experts will work with you on SEO project management to conduct deep keyword research, identify valuable long-tail keywords, devise long-term content plans, devise outreach tactics for backlinks, and manage your overall SEO strategy to help you win big, while you focus on other revenue-generating tasks.

You'll have dedicated SEO content writers to handle the content creation process for your SaaS business to win the hearts of search engines and more importantly, your target audience.

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How Our SaaS SEO Services Work

You place an order

Sit down with us

After placing an order for our SaaS SEO services, fill out a questionnaire or talk to us about your brand, offerings, competitors, and topics you want to target so we can devise a plan.

We’ll do the work

Execute your SaaS SEO strategy

Our SaaS SEO experts will start making the magic happen. From providing backlinks from other SaaS domains to creating premium SEO content for better rankings, we'll devise a replicable long-term SEO strategy your marketing team can follow.


Track and monitor SaaS SEO data

As we periodically deliver high-quality content for organic growth, we'll continue to make tweaks to perfect your SaaS SEO strategy by analyzing your ongoing SEO performance.

Greet prospects with high-quality branded content at every step of the funnel.

Understand exactly where to appear throughout the sales funnel by nailing your SaaS keyword strategy. From top-of-the-funnel keywords for awareness and education to bottom-of-the-funnel keywords closer to purchases, let us help you create and optimize content. 

Get all your planned content organized and published consistently through an SEO content calendar to ensure that your SaaS company is always visible across the entire sales funnel.

✔ Actionable keyword research

✔ Strategically position brand content across the sales funnel

✔ Never miss a post with an SEO content calendar

Publish engaging content that ranks and converts

Publish charming landing pages and informative blog posts on-brand for your SaaS company's website. With the help of SEO tools like Surfer SEO and following strict editorial guidelines, our content and copywriters will achieve real results with top-notch content.

Just take a look at ScrumGenius' perfectly optimized featured snippet that didn't even need any backlinks. With Embarque, you can stand out from other SaaS companies by attracting more traffic and qualified leads with content inspired by relevant keywords—AKA, content that listens and answers important queries.

✔ Data-backed SEO content creation

✔ Full-suite SEO tools handled by experts

✔ High-quality landing pages and blog posts

Become a high-authority domain
to rank faster

Off-page search engine optimization like link building, local SEO, and citations are absolutely crucial for your SaaS company to have any street cred on search engine results pages (SERP).

On top of SEO project management and content creation, we'll personally reach out to other high-authority SaaS businesses and websites on your behalf to negotiate guest posts, and affiliate deals to ensure you're steadily building domain authority to rank higher on the SERP.

✔ Full off-page SEO services

✔ Get more website visitors

✔ Build high domain authority

Frequently asked questions

What is Embarque?
Embarque is a productized SEO content marketing agency that offers premium services at fixed and affordable costs. We’ve helped many bootstrappers and tech startups grow significantly through SEO. We firmly believe in the products and services of our clients, including their vision and objectives. 

What are SaaS SEO services?
SaaS SEO is the process of optimizing a SaaS company's website for search engines. The goal of SaaS SEO is to improve the visibility of a website in search engine results pages (SERP), and to increase web traffic and conversions.

Overall, software companies can scale their business much faster and more sustainably long-term with SEO with the help of B2B SEO SaaS companies like Embarque.

Who is creating the SEO content for my SaaS website?
Professional SEO content strategists and creators with deep branding and marketing knowledge are always behind your stellar work. They know the right keywords to target and how to craft a message that resonates with your audience. Don't worry, we always follow strict editorial guidelines that are on-brand with your SaaS company.

Rest assured, you'll have a dedicated project manager and smart team working on your behalf, so you can focus on what you're best at: building world-class software.

What makes your keyword research services different from your competitors?
Most  SEO agencies don’t cater specifically to SaaS businesses that want to grow and scale fast through SEO.

We already have a proven track record of helping hypergrowth SaaS businesses, such as VEED and Flick, and a ton of samples for you to go through and see the level of writing that we provide.

How do I pay? 
Just create an account on our customer portal, select the package(s) and option(s) you want to purchase, and proceed with your payment.

Once our system has processed the transaction, you’ll then have to answer some questions regarding your product/service, brand, competition, priorities, and goals. Your answers will help us determine how we can help you effectively. If you’re still unsure of the process, feel free to email our founder:

How can I get started with SaaS SEO?
If you're looking to start your own SaaS SEO strategy, the first step is to audit your website and research the right keywords for your business. After that, it's important to create high-quality content and optimize your website for those keywords.

You can also reach out to B2B SEO agencies for help with off-page SEO and lead generation.

SEO for SaaS companies is a long-term investment that can yield great results if done correctly. It's important to partner with the right agency that understands your business and has a track record of success with SaaS SEO.Embarque offers sustainable monthly subscriptions to aid your digital marketing goals with data-backed content creation, full-suite SEO tools, and off-page SEO.


Flexible content packages that scale with your budget. We provide a project manager at any rate and volume.


💸 Save more than $960 with annual billing

Get 2-3 posts (4,500 words in total)

✓ Search optimized content

✓ Monthly SEO content calendar

✓ Project manager

✓ Join team meetings (up to 3 hours)

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 💸 Save more than $1,500 with annual billing

Get 4-6 posts (8,000 words in total)

✓ Search optimized content

✓ Monthly SEO content calendar

✓ Project manager

✓ Join team meetings (up to 5 hours)

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💸  Get customized plans fit

For enterprise use & white-label partnerships

✓ Fit for your needs

✓ Dedicated project manager

✓ Discounted long-term rates

✓ Join team meetings (up to 5 hours)


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Mix and match options and get discounts of up to 25% for orders over $500