SEO for doctors: The Medical SEO method to significantly get more clients

As a medical practitioner, your services should not end in your local community or hospital. You can showcase your services to a large number of people who need the special gifts only you possess.Do you want to learn how to leverage medical SEO to build your brand and generate more revenue?

SEO for doctors: The Medical SEO method to significantly get more clients

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Helpful summary

Overview: We emphasize the importance of medical SEO for doctors, advocating for expanding their reach beyond local communities to a broader online audience, thus building their brand and increasing revenue​​.

Why you can trust us: We at Embarque have a proven track record of SEO success, as demonstrated with our client, MentorCruise. Over three years, we've significantly increased their search traffic, achieving over 2 million visits per year, year-on-year revenue growth of 1,600%, and a 433% increase in monthly trials. This showcases our expertise in driving substantial growth through SEO strategies​​.

Why this is important: Good SEO practice is vital for doctors to gain visibility among potential patients, particularly as the majority of healthcare information is sought online. Being visible on search engines can significantly boost patient traffic, enhancing both visibility and revenue​​.

Action points: To leverage the benefits of SEO, we suggest that medical websites should employ strategies like keyword optimization, enhancing content quality, and optimizing for local searches.

Further research: We recommend that medical professionals continuously update their knowledge of SEO to adapt to changing online trends and maintain their online prominence.

Need help in medical SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is something every business should get familiar with, and this of course includes medical marketing professionals. A lot of patients, looking for information about their medical issues, will type keywords into Google or their preferred search engine, hoping for an answer.

Someone looking for information about breast cancer will type in something like ‘solutions for breast cancer’ so if you’re a cosmetic surgeon you might want to get on to the first page of Google results to attract clients looking for the type of work you offer, all without needing to pay for partnership deals or costly influencers to help you rank.

This also means a lot of other medical websites will rank for similar keywords and get clicks and traffic. Make sure, as a medical practitioner, your services don’t end with your local hospital or community. Showcase your services to a large sector of people and you will soon attract many new customers looking for the exact services you provide.

Why listen to us?

We’re an SEO agency with a proven track record of boosting online businesses including SaaS, marketplace, job boards, and more. Our work with MentorCruise, a professional mentorship platform, exemplifies this. Over three years, we increased their search traffic to over 2 million visits annually, achieved a 1,600% year-on-year revenue growth, and increased monthly trials by 1,000% in 18 months​​​​. MentorCruise's top 10 web pages, made by us, played an important role in this 114% traffic increase​​.

Another success story is SignHouse, a SaaS for eSignature software. Starting from zero web traffic, we ramped up their organic visits to 60,000 per month. This 60-fold increase in just half a year was the result of our meticulous content strategy and strong backlink profiles we established for key pages​​​​. This not only significantly boosted their online presence but also saved them 8-12 months of effort, underscoring the efficiency and effectiveness of our SEO methods​​.

More about SEO

Before delving into the reasons why SEO is so important for doctors, we need to define what SEO actually is and why it’s so critical. SEO refers to fine-tuning your website, blog, online store, or product, in such a way they are visible to anyone searching for the terms in question.

Search engines aren’t limited to just Google and Bing, although those are by far the most popular two used. You can also use SEO techniques in freelance marketplaces, on social media and in freelance marketplaces.The main goal should be making your website more visible when people search for products/services you offer, leading to more revenue for you.

Through SEO, doctors can position themselves and their businesses to be highly visible to potential patients looking for their services. Let’s say someone types ‘what is the cure for an ulcer’ into Google, it will display the top websites corresponding to this particular search query, according to Google’s goals.

The main SEO goals for every doctor are:

The top websites appearing in such a search on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) get the most traffic. This means they end up with more patients and make more money. This is why SEO for doctors is a way of leveraging search engines to reach as many potential clients as possible.

Why SEO for doctors is so important?

There are various reasons to leverage SEO for your medical and healthcare practices:

Benefits of SEO for doctors

How to optimize your medical website for SEO

There are various steps you need to take if you want to optimize your medical website for SEO. 

1. Use HTTPS to secure the website

HTTPS is something important to focus on when launching or improving your website. As far back as 2014, HTTPS has been one of Google’s main ranking criteria for inclusion on their result page. Not having HTTPS will reduce your traffic by scaring off potential patients with a warning and also list you further down the results page.

A website without HTTPS will have a ‘not secure’ tag on the top left corner rather than a padlock icon. Sometimes a website might be marked ‘not secure’ even with an HTTPS certificate because of non-secure CSS, images or JavaScript or a missing or expired SSL certificate.

2. Optimize the site for local searches 

One great strategy for doctors is optimizing their website for local search. This helps potential patients find you and learn more about your services. Websites that are optimized will stand out from all the rest among all the other local companies offering the same service. Local search results often include a Google map showing the business’s location.

Optimize your website for local search and you will be able to stand out among many companies offering the same as you. This will lead to better revenues for your side.

Pay attention to the following if you want to optimize your website for local search:

These might sound like little tweaks but they can result in impressive results.

3. Make sure you target the best keywords

It’s a good idea to put yourself in potential customers’ shoes as part of your SEO practice. This includes the integration of keywords customers might use when looking for your type of services on your homemade or website content.

Keywords are words or phrases people type into the search engine to look for specific solutions, services or products.

Researching and using the best keywords can help your website rank up quickly. Perhaps someone in your area is looking for something like ‘osteopath in Boston’. If you rank highly for that particular keyword phrase, you should be at the top of the search results.

These long-tail keywords are what potential customers might type in, so it pays to include such long-tail keywords in your website content.

You can find more examples of long-tail keywords using Google keywords planner, Semrush, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, and more.

4. Create engaging, conversational and useful content 

Although the phrase ‘content is king’ has been bandied about for years, content is more the kingdom than the king. Content is absolutely everything, as far as SEO goes, although it isn’t limited to making blog posts. Different types of content you might like to consider for SEO purposes include videos, infographics and more.

Medical websites should include the following:

5. Make your site mobile-friendly  

This one is more important now than ever, as more and more people are using cell phones or tablets to browse the internet rather than desktop computers.

Google prefers websites with responsive web design (meaning the site looks good regardless of what device it is viewed on) and that is actually an important factor in ranking. These are some good tips on how to make your site mobile-friendly and thereby improve SEO ranking:

Let Embarque help you take medical SEO even further

There’s no such thing as too much interest or too many potential customers. Medical SEO is a great way to reach out to as many patients as possible who might be interested in your medical services.

There is a lot to absorb when starting out but good SEO is critical for success these days and investing in a sound SEO strategy will pay dividends over time, allowing you to get plenty of traffic with minimal effort.

Think of SEO as an investment which will result in better revenue. At Embarque our experienced SEO professionals can help your medical business grow exponentially. From keyword research to locating the best search terms to rank and creating the best SEO content which will convert means we are a great option to improve your medical SEO and boost your ranking.

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