Copify Review and Alternative: How Embarque Can Be Your Next Copywriting Partner

Currently in the process of choosing a content marketing partner and stumbled upon Copify? Here's a review of their services and why Embarque may be a powerful alternative depending on your needs.

copify review and alternative

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Helpful summary

Overview: We compare Copify and Embarque, focusing on their content marketing services. Embarque, unlike Copify's budget copywriting, offers premium SEO content creation, enhancing website traffic, conversion rates, and ultimately revenue.

Why you can trust us: Our work with high-growth startups like VEED and Mailjet has resulted in over 100% revenue increases, showcasing our superior content marketing and SEO strategy compared to Copify.

Why this is important: The choice of content marketing partner significantly impacts a website's performance. Our comprehensive approach to SEO and content marketing can effectively improve traffic, increase conversions, and boost revenue.

Action points: Consider Embarque for our proven track record in boosting clients' online presence and revenue, comprehensive SEO and content services, and transparent pricing models​​.

Further research: Explore additional case studies and client testimonials to better understand Embarque's impact and effectiveness in content marketing.

Looking to outsource content creation?

The market is full of companies offering to help. One such is Copify, a copywriting service known for its budget-friendly articles and quick turnaround. But will it improve the traffic and conversions to your site like a professional content marketing agency would?

At Embarque, our modus operandi is helping companies get significantly more clients through quality, yet affordable, SEO content. Seeing as this is our ballpark, we’ve put together this Copify review to assess how well their services will help your business. We’ll see how it holds up against Embarque as a Copify alternative.

Why listen to us?

At Embarque, we position ourselves as the superior alternative to Copify by focusing on premium content marketing. We specialize in crafting high-quality SEO content. This strategy has consistently driven over 100% increases in search traffic and revenue for our clients, including notable startups like VEED and Flick. 

Our professional content creators, armed with extensive branding and marketing knowledge, ensure that our clients not only reach but also resonate with their target audiences, solidifying our standing as the best Copify alternative.

Copify vs. Embarque: Key differences

  1. Embarque is a premium content marketing agency. We have a proven track record of helping clients reach the first page of Google, significantly boost search traffic, and increase revenue by more than 100% through SEO content creation and republishing. By contrast, Copify is a budget copywriting service that sources content for any subject within 48 hours.
  2. In addition to content creation, Embarque offers an extensive range of SEO services and includes project management services with every pricing package, so companies can enjoy the benefits of an in-house content creator. Copify just offers writing services, article formatting, and a WordPress plugin for easy publishing.
  3. Embarque has a clear pricing model with packages tailored to different needs and also provides one-off services with transparent pricing. Copify does not clearly state pricing on their site. Having instant access to a comprehensive pricing plan like Embarque’s saves you time (and therefore money): there’s no more endless back-and-forths and price comparisons with us!

What is Copify?

Copify is marketed as a leading copywriting service that sources quality content for customers in every sector. They’re known for providing very cheap content, finding a writer for any brief and delivering a proofread article within 48 hours.

They have dedicated websites and networks of writers for the UK, USA, and Australia, with no overseas writers. Based in Lancaster in the UK, they supposedly have the largest network of writers in the country. It’s worth noting that reviews from their writers suggest that the rates they are paid are very low considering their professional status according to Copify’s website.

Copify: Key services

Copify Pricing

Unlike Embarque, Copify has no clear pricing model on their website. Their web copy page states that this content starts at £0.04 + VAT. We found a review elsewhere showing that Copify blog content starts as £0.05 per word + 20% VAT. So it would cost £30 for a 500-word article on a generic topic like travel.

They mention offering packages for regular blog writing services, but again, there’s no information on how much this would cost.

Copify review: Pros & cons



Best Copify alternative: What is Embarque?

Embarque is a premium content marketing agency that helps high-growth startups scale fast at affordable rates. Our copy is written by professional content creators with valuable branding and marketing knowledge and follows strict editorial guidelines for guaranteed quality.

As a result of our expertise, our clients, who include VEED, Mailjet, Levels FYI, and Flick.Tech, have enjoyed significant improvements to their search traffic and revenue increases of more than 100%. While our main clients tend to be tech startups, we’ve also worked to provide SEO content and keyword research for companies across many other niches.

Embarque: Key services

SEO content strategy

At Embarque, we use our expert knowledge as SEOs to provide services that go beyond simple copywriting. This includes:

Email copywriting

Our email marketing services are agile, tailored to each business’s needs, can be delivered within a fast turnaround time of two days, and are proven to convert. As an email copywriting partner, our services include:

Project management

All of Embarque’s content marketing and landing page packages include a dedicated project manager. Through email and phone consultations, they provide the services you’d enjoy from an in-house content manager. They help with the ins and outs of your SEO content strategy and answer any questions about your content calendar.

Our project managers can even mentor your content team on how SEO works and what types of expectations people should have around it.

White-hat backlink generation

Embarque can overhaul and optimize your site’s backlink strategy. We find relevant backlinks and perform blogger outreach, link swaps, link insertion, and ABC linking amongst other strategies to help you can rank faster on Google’s first page.

Embarque Pricing

Embarque has three transparent pricing packages based on the number of posts desired, with discounts available on annual payments and larger orders. All three packages include a dedicated project manager and SEO content strategy meetings to create a monthly SEO content calendar.

The packages can be combined with additional content marketing services, which can also be bought as a one-off. The prices for these services, which include, blog posts, email copy, keyword research, social media ad copy, and landing page copy, are also clearly found on Embarque’s website:

Embarque’s premium content marketing services do come at a higher cost than Copify’s content creation. However, our services are much more affordable than those offered by our upmarket competitors whilst still providing similar results. Thanks to our add-on services, our pricing is also flexible, making us accessible to startups with a range of budgets.

Embarque Pros & Cons



Comparing services: Copify vs. Embarque

Comparing audiences and target market

Copify and Embarque are designed for different types of audiences. However, both platforms are versatile and can be used for a variety of services. Here’s a quick overview:



Both Copify and Embarque help businesses improve their online presence. Copify focuses more on writers. It helps freelance writers find work. Embarque is for small business owners. We help them with their SEO efforts to boost the visibility of their websites. 

We can take a closer look here:

Who is Copify great for?

Copify is well-suited for new or casual freelance writers and businesses/marketers looking for an affordable way to enhance their online content. 

Their role as a content mill offers benefits for those starting in freelance writing or seeking flexible, additional income, but might not be the best fit for experienced writers looking for substantial, long-term income.

1. For businesses and marketers

Copify is ideal for startups looking to generate backlinks and establish authority, and SEO managers aiming for efficient SEO strategies. It offers cost-effective, high-quality content for effective content marketing strategies​​.

2. For freelance writers

3. Writing enthusiasts

Who is Embarque great for?

Then comes Copify’s alternative - Embarque. We are a productized SEO agency with a proven track record of helping SaaS, marketplaces, job boards, and other online startups enhance their visibility, boost rankings, and ultimately increase revenue. 

1. Online startups

Small businesses with revenues under $10 million are our primary focus.

We help these businesses improve their online presence through SEO and content creation, driving organic traffic and enhancing visibility. We offer product-led writing that connects with target audiences and builds trust and credibility​​​​.

This focus on smaller enterprises makes Embarque an ideal partner for such businesses seeking specialized SEO services​​.

2. Freelancers and professionals

We emphasize hiring diverse and talented English-speaking content writers, including overlooked underground writers, artists, performers, poets, and journalists from various backgrounds. We provide a platform for these professionals to link with companies needing their services, promoting inclusivity and opportunity in creative fields​​.

For instance, the lack of website visitors and revenue due to ineffective SEO methods and website content led MentorCruise, a platform led by tech professionals, to have poor performance. To address this, we implemented a strategic approach. 

By selecting popular but less competitive search topics, improving search engine trustworthiness, and creating diverse customer-oriented content, we achieved remarkable growth. We revamped existing content and prioritized keywords relevant to potential buyers. 

This collaborative effort resulted in a staggering 1,600% increase in MentorCruise's annual income.

3. Bootstrappers and early-stage startups

Embarque focuses on assisting these entities in rapid growth through quality content marketing. We offer scalable content production services tailored to the needs of startups and businesses aiming for fast-paced development​​.

At Embarque, we built a strong SEO plan for Upscribe from the ground up. We focused on topics important to our client's business and made a custom plan for what content to create and when. 

The result? A fourfold increase in organic traffic to Upscribe's website through search engines. This is how we deliver our services to our clients, achieving real and natural growth.

4. B2B clients

We specialize in scalable content production, a valuable service for B2B clients who require high-quality, consistent content without the complexity of coordinating and vetting writers, editors, and content strategists themselves. 

This service allows clients to focus on other strategic business initiatives​​. Take a look at our specialization:

Embarque has expertise across various industries, with significant growth in technology (170%), marketing (400%), commercial queries (200%), and services (600%).

Why switch to Embarque as a Copify alternative?

  1. To enjoy the benefits of an in-house content team at a fraction of the cost
  2. To leverage your existing content to rank higher on Google
  3. To boost traffic and convert clients through premium SEO content

Scale growth with premium SEO content from Embarque

Having great SEO content is essential for growing your business in 2021, but not all companies have access to in-house content teams. If you’re looking to fill your website with cheap copy quickly and don’t require expert SEO strategy, Copify may well meet your needs.

However, for those companies looking to boost traffic, increase conversions, and double their revenue, you want to rely on the expertise of professional SEO strategists and content creators. Try Embarque’s high-quality SEO content services and watch your business grow.

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