How Shutterstock used an infographic to gain hundreds of backlinks

How Shutterstock used backlinks and proprietary insights to gain hundreds of backlinks


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Everyone loves infographics. You can pack a lot of information in them, swap words for beautiful charts, and share them with your friends and fellow professionals.

But did you know that they can also be a great way to get backlinks and boost your SEO in the process? This is exactly what Shutterstock did.

Shutterstock is one of the biggest websites for stock images and photos. Marketers love them. Some designers find them tacky. And photographers have made passive income by selling their photos as stock photography.

Today, a large portion of Shutterstock’s community includes marketers, who have a primal urge to stay on top of industry trends. Shutterstock is aware of this, and they’ve been doing the perfect end-of-the-year campaign that leverages this curiosity.

Shutterstock’s annual Creative Trends Report

The Creative Trends Report is essentially a big infographic that shows the aesthetic trends that will gain traction in the following year based on the search patterns of Shutterstock’s users.

Here’s an image from its 2019 report:


In the first two weeks of this infographic’s launch, it received:


Creating useful content isn’t just about scavenging relevant outside information.

Sometimes, your own non-sensitive data can provide important insights that can move the needle forward.

And when you can share these insights through a beautiful infographic? That’s a winner, right there.

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