Frase review: How we use it for research-heavy content

We review Frase, an AI-powered writing and SEO tool, for its efficiency in research and content optimization. It offers SERP analysis, efficient outline creation, AI writing, and content optimization, enhancing both the research process and SEO effectiveness.

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Helpful summary

Overview: We review Frase, an AI-powered writing and SEO tool, for its efficiency in research and content optimization. It offers SERP analysis, efficient outline creation, AI writing, and content optimization, enhancing both the research process and SEO effectiveness.

Why you can trust us: Our use of Frase has changed how we conduct keyword research, analyze SERPs, and create content outlines. Our case studies show that we've seen better visibility and increased engagement as a result.

Why this is important: Frase's capabilities in SERP analysis, AI-driven content creation, and optimization are essential for creating high-quality, SEO-friendly content. It streamlines content creation, making it more efficient and effective for diverse professional needs.

Action points: We recommend using Frase for efficient research, SERP analysis, and content optimization. It's particularly beneficial for teams needing to produce quality, research-intensive content swiftly.

Further research: For those considering Frase, assess its advanced features, learning curve, and cost. It's particularly suitable for larger teams or agencies but may be complex and costly for smaller teams or freelancers.

Is Frase worth it?

Creating content that stands out requires in-depth research. This is especially true for small businesses, where the need for well-researched content is crucial but often challenging due to limited resources. 

Enter Frase–a tool designed to make the research process easier and more efficient for content creators. It's more than just a platform connecting businesses and writers, it streamlines the entire research phase, simplifying data gathering and analysis. 

We're taking a close look at Frase, exploring its features and capabilities in detail. Our goal is to provide a clear, easy-to-understand review. We'll examine how it helps in creating research-intensive content effectively, focusing on its usefulness for those struggling to produce a well-researched content. 

Read on for our comprehensive Frase review to discover if it's the solution to your content research challenges.

Why you should trust us? Well, we’ve used Frase.

We use Frase, an AI SEO tool, to find key search topics and create semantically related content. Our results speak for themselves. We’ve helped a software program grow its monthly visitors from 5,000 to over 20,000​​. For a job platform, we boosted their monthly clicks to 21,000 by refining their SEO blogging strategy​​​​. 

What is Frase?

Frase is an AI-powered writing and SEO tool designed primarily for content optimization. It has been crafted to aid in the depth and efficiency of research, making it easier to craft content briefs and optimize the content creation process.

Different features Frase has

SERP analysis

This feature allows you to analyze and condense content from the top search results of any query, saving time and providing insights into competitors' content.

With Frase, we can easily analyze the top search results for any given query. This function saves us time by avoiding the need to click through multiple search results manually. It provides a comprehensive overview of what's already out there, helping us to understand what competitors are doing and identify gaps in existing content.

Outline builder

Frase enables quick curation of outlines using headings from the SERP, or the use of AI to generate one in seconds, facilitating well-researched content structuring.

We also take advantage of Frase's Outlines Creation feature. This functionality enables us to quickly curate outlines using headings from the top search results or to utilize AI to generate an outline in seconds. This feature is particularly useful in organizing and structuring our research in a coherent and focused manner, ensuring that our content is both comprehensive and aligned with key search queries. It streamlines the process of creating detailed outlines, making our content creation more efficient and effective.

AI writer

Frase produces SEO-optimized copy inspired by search results for your target query. This includes generating various content elements like blog intros, FAQs, and headings.

We utilize Frase's AI capabilities to generate content that not only resonates with the audience but also aligns with SEO best practices. This feature is particularly useful for brainstorming content ideas and getting a jump-start on writing pieces that are both informative and engaging.

Content optimization and comparison

The intuitive text editor assesses your content against competitors, providing a list of related topics and their recommended mention frequencies to enhance your content's ranking potential.

Frase allows us to import existing content directly from live URLs and optimize it for better search engine performance. This is especially useful when we want to update our older content to make it more relevant and SEO-friendly, ensuring that our work continues to drive traffic and engagement over time.

What is Frase mainly used for? 

Creating outlines

Frase makes planning content easy by creating detailed briefs and outlines quickly. It pulls headings from top search results, letting users quickly spot and add important topics. This saves time and makes sure the content fits what people are searching for, helping it to rank better in search results.

Content research

Frase is great for finding and understanding information needed for writing. It helps users look into FAQs and 'people also ask' sections tied to a topic's search intent. This way, the content is full of useful info, stays relevant, and is up to date, making it more valuable for readers.

AI-driven content creation

Frase uses AI to make content that connects with readers and meets SEO needs. Its AI helps come up with ideas, write drafts, and optimize for search engines. This helps create content that is both interesting to read and likely to get high rankings on search result pages.

Optimization of existing content

Frase lets users improve their current content's SEO by importing it from websites. This is great for updating old content to meet new SEO standards. It keeps the content relevant and performing well in search results. It's especially helpful for content managers who want to keep their online content effective.

Multilingual optimization

Frase supports many languages, like English, Spanish, French, and more. This is important for businesses reaching out to international audiences. It allows you to optimize content in various languages, reaching different language speakers effectively.

Content analytics

Frase offers tools to check how your content is doing, such as insights to make content better. This includes scoring systems that suggest keywords to use, and the ability to compare content with top search results. These analytics are key to understanding content performance and improving visibility and engagement.

Who should use Frase?

Frase is beneficial for a range of professionals including:

SEO professionals

SEO experts use Frase to get their content seen and ranked higher on search engines. They make the most of its features by using the right keywords and SEO tactics. This way, their content reaches more people and climbs up in search results. It's a big win for drawing in more visitors and boosting their online presence.

Content strategists

Content strategists find Frase super useful. It helps them plan and shape content that meets their business and marketing goals. They use it to spot what's missing in their content, understand what their audience wants, and make full plans for content that hits the mark with their target group.

Writers and editors

Writers and editors rely on Frase for crafting content that grabs attention and is good for SEO. The AI in Frase helps them come up with ideas, and make sure the content is well-organized, informative, and follows the best SEO practices.

Content managers

Content managers use Frase to smooth out the whole content process. With Frase, they can handle many content projects at once, making sure each one is top-quality and meets SEO standards.

Marketing teams and agencies

Marketing teams and agencies use Frase to bring in organic traffic through well-optimized content. The tool helps them create content that not only appeals to their audience but also does well in search engine results. This is key for successful marketing campaigns.

Large enterprises

For large companies, Frase is essential for producing lots of content without losing quality. It supports making a wide range of content for different departments or products, keeping a consistent level of SEO and user interest.

How much does Frase cost? 

How we use Frase for research-heavy content 

SERP analysis

When we first tried Frase, it was like getting a new set of tools for our SEO work. We used it to really dig into what made the top pages on Google rank so well. It uses AI to understand web content, which makes our job easier. Instead of spending hours looking through pages ourselves, Frase did the heavy lifting.

We noticed right away how it gave us detailed summaries and content briefs, which helped us see what we were up against. This was a big change from our old way of building content.

The best part was seeing how our competitors were doing. We could see what they were good at, and where they fell short. This helped us make our own content better and more likely to rank high on Google.

By using Frase, we figured out how to make our articles better structured, use the right amount of words, and include the keywords people were actually searching for. It was a real game-changer in how we approached writing optimized content.

Topic research

We knew that Frase could also help pick out the right topics and keywords. Before Frase, choosing topics was more of a guess. Fortunately, it brought in a data-focused way of doing research, showing us what people really wanted to know.

For example, when writing about our research on the 'Best SEO Tools for SaaS', Frase was a big help. It uses AI to sift through tons of info, giving us a summary of the main points and suggesting good topics. This way, we quickly know what topics are relevant to what people are looking for.

Frase also found specific keywords and questions people ask, which helped us write content that really hit the mark. We saw where our articles might be lacking and updated them to be more valuable and authoritative.

Like when we updated our piece on downsizing businesses, Frase showed us where to improve. Moving from guessing to strategic planning in choosing our topics and keywords was a big step up for us, all thanks to Frase.

Content briefs

With Frase, we now have a clear structure, when it comes to creating content briefs.

It helped us make detailed briefs quickly, including overviews, questions people also ask, search engine results, main topics, headings, stats, and links. This made our content more interesting and useful for our readers.

We were also able to use Frase's AI-generated briefs to follow SEO best practices. They gave our writers a solid base, covering all the important points. 

The briefs suggest what to write about, questions to answer, and where to get information. This makes writing easier and more consistent. Our SEO team and writers don't have to go back and forth as much, making content planning more efficient. 

Content outlining

When it comes to creating structured outlines for our content, Frase has proved to be a reliable assistant. It shows us the main topics and subtopics that are popular on Google for our chosen subject. This is great because it tells us what pe are interested in and what we should include in our articles. 

We also use Frase to get AI-generated outlines. This means we give it a topic, and it gives us a ready-made article outline with headings and subheadings. It’s a big time-saver and makes sure we cover everything important.

Content analysis

When we used Frase for SEO competitor analysis, it really streamlined our process. We headed to Frase’s Content Analytics and integrated it with Google Search Console. This gave us insights into our website’s performance and identified areas where we could improve.

We then focused on identifying our SERP competitors and analyzed various aspects like domain authority, backlinks, and content structure. Frase helped us compare our content with competitors, looking at the topic score, which measures how well we cover a subject compared to others.

A critical part of our analysis is understanding user intent and finding content gaps. 

We often look at headings and keywords our competitors use but we don't, and then work on incorporating these into our content. By filling these gaps, we enhanced our content's relevance and quality.

Finally, we rewrite and refresh our pages directly in Frase, aiming to improve our topic score and overall SEO performance. With this process, Frase has really helped us fine-tune our content strategy and stay competitive.

Pros and Cons

The Good

Efficient research process

Frase significantly sped up our research process. Its ability to quickly generate content briefs and provide in-depth SERP analysis saved us hours. This efficiency is invaluable, especially when dealing with tight deadlines or a high volume of content.

This allowed us to take on more projects without compromising the quality of our research.

AI-driven content creation and optimization

The AI-driven suggestions for content creation and optimization are a game-changer. Frase offers real-time SEO guidance, ensuring our content is not only informative but also ranks well on search engines.

In-depth SERP analysis

Frase provides comprehensive data on top-ranking pages, which is crucial for understanding competitive content and identifying gaps. This feature has enabled us to create more competitive content strategies, directly impacting the effectiveness of our SEO efforts.

Multilingual support

Frase’s ability to support multiple languages has been crucial for our global SEO strategies. It allows us to optimize content in various languages, which is essential for our international clients.

This feature has enabled us to expand our service offerings to non-English speaking markets, increasing our client base.

User intent analysis

Understanding user intent is key in SEO, and Frase provides insights into what users are seeking. This has helped us in tailoring our content more effectively.

The Bad

Cost implications for smaller teams

While Frase offers great value, its pricing can be a bit steep, especially for smaller businesses or individual freelancers.

As a growing business, balancing the cost versus the benefits of Frase was a consideration we had to carefully manage.

Dependence on external data

Frase’s insights are heavily reliant on external data sources. If these sources are limited or not up-to-date, it can affect the accuracy of the research.

This prompted us to occasionally cross-verify the data provided by Frase with other sources to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Complex interface for beginners

New team members without prior experience could find the interface a bit complex and feature-rich, leading to a steeper learning curve.

Our team needed initial training and adaptation, which required additional time and resources.

Limited integration with other tools

Frase has limited integration capabilities with some other SEO and content marketing tools we use. This sometimes leads to a disjointed workflow, requiring manual data transfer between platforms.

Over-reliance on AI suggestions

While AI suggestions are helpful, over-reliance on them can lead to less creativity in content.

Our team had to balance AI assistance with human creativity to maintain the originality and quality of our content outlines.

Occasional inaccuracies in AI output

AI-driven content suggestions can sometimes be inaccurate or irrelevant, requiring manual review and correction. This adds an extra step in our content creation process to ensure accuracy.

The Verdict

Frase, a tool designed for research-intensive content creation, has both major benefits and some potential drawbacks. It enhances the research process with AI-driven capabilities, efficient SERP analysis, and multilingual support. However, there can be challenges for some users. The learning curve is steep, it relies on external data sources, and it can be expensive for smaller teams. Additionally, it sometimes generates less original content due to heavy reliance on AI.

Ultimately, the suitability of Frase depends on the user's specific needs and resources.

If you're using Frase, you’ll definitely get the most out of what you're paying for. But, if you want to skip the hassle of keyword research, you might want to think about hiring writers. Finding good writers isn't easy, but we at Embarque are pretty proud of our work. We've helped a bunch of small businesses grow faster than they expected, and that really shows how good we are at writing content and doing keyword research.

If you are truly seeking to enhance your performance and reduce stress at an affordable price, reach out to us today.

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I’m Julian, one of the co-founders of Embarque, which offers productised SEO content marketing services. I’m an SEO content strategist by trade. My line of work involves creating a top-to-bottom SEO content strategy for brands based on their current needs and how well they’re attracting clients through organic search.

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