Ranking your marketplace on Google requires a sophisticated SEO strategy. One that Embarque has perfected.

When you’re running an online marketplace, getting a high volume of traffic to your pages is the key to growing your revenue. After all, you only take a small cut of every sale. You must maximize your vendors' chances of reaching potential buyers.

Thankfully, Embarque realizes this. As such, we’ve developed a marketplace SEO strategy that focuses on capturing as much traffic from long-tail keywords as possible. 

Just look at how we transformed Collabstr into one of the biggest influencer collaboration marketplaces on the internet. The key has been to create website content that both potential vendors and customers search for. On the one hand, influencers search for calculators to determine their engagement rate. On the other, brands looking to work with influencers might search for influencer prices. In both cases, the pages we crafted ranked Colabstr at the top of Google.