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Content writing has exploded over the last few years. Research found the industry is worth $412.88 billion. It’s the most critical way of conveying info to customers and focus groups. Whether it’s a small or medium enterprise or a large company house, any organization’s digital marketing initiative needs it, as its brand reputation depends on it.

Almost every industry needs content to communicate messages as efficiently as possible. And now, the importance of content has become even more evident. Individuals and companies realize how lucrative it can be versus the varied paid forms of marketing. 

Curious to know more about a content writing career? Great. The role is rewarding – no day is the same! We here at Embarque want to help you on your quest to find a great content writer, so let’s dig a little deeper into the roles and responsibilities involved.

What is a Content Writer?

A content writer’s job is to craft engaging, informative articles for organizations to showcase their services, products or communicate their information. Content writers need to create content in a variety of formats, whether this for company product descriptions, or various corporate topics. That means you’ll need to be adept at researching material thoroughly.

Content writers create copy for a whole host of subjects and are solely responsible for crafting accurately-written content, from press releases to blog posts. Their main duties include:

You’ll work alongside clients and a content managers to ensure you produce content that fits the firm’s tone of voice. You’ll need to work independently and meet deadlines consistently. Usually, you’ll need an undergraduate degree in marketing or English.

But, if you show writing expertise in your portfolio or start as an intern, you might be able to enter the industry without a degree. Want to flourish in this role? You need to be skilled at using content and publishing applications like G Suite, WordPress, and Microsoft Office. You also need to work well under pressure and have an eagle eye for detail.

Why Is a Content Writer Important?

Content writing is more like a currency than anything else, as it has true worth. Creating captivating content that entices your readers and attracts them nearer to conversion is key to a winning content marketing strategy.

Not only is content marketing vital for engaging and attracting audiences, but it’s crucial for other reasons as well:

1. Greater Chance of Spreading the Word

Sharing content is a phenomenal way to gain recognition for your brand. Sustaining social media traction by posting appropriate content, such as blog posts, will mean more chances for people to share it. The result? More traffic. And more traffic means more leads and conversions.

2. Demonstrates You Can Write About Topics Relevant to Your Niche

Writing compelling content about your products and industry shows you know a thing or two about what you offer. Google algorithms deems your content as authoritative. Thus, it’ll rank higher. The more authority your content has, the more chance your audience will believe in your brand. You should be writing about topics relevant to your niche. Google will only rank you as an authority if you're connected to the topics you're talking about.

3. Improved Audience Retention

Be sure to create content not only for new customers but also for your existing customer base. Boosting client retention via efficient content writing generates a positive experience, encouraging your clients to continue using your company.

We here at Embarque are a quality content marketing agency. We’ve enabled high-growth tech start-ups like Levels FYI and VEED to scale rapidly. From crafting effective email marketing funnels to creating an SEO content strategy to grow your search traffic fast, we’re your one-stop shop for premium content that converts.

Content Writer Tasks and Responsibilities

Your main duty is to create concise, accurate, and well-written content. Often, this involves connecting with clients and various other marketing experts. Here are just some of a content writer’s responsibilities: 

Content Writer Job Description Example Template

Below is a sample of a content writer job description:

Content Writer Job Description Template

We’re seeking an enthusiastic content writer to craft compelling articles, product descriptions, blog posts, social media, and web content. Your core duties will involve:

To be a top-performing content writer, we need you to stay well-versed in the latest SEO techniques. But ultimately, you must master the development strategies required to boost reader engagement.

Main Content Writer Duties

A Content Writer’s Requirements

Content Writer Abilities and Credentials

A top-performing content writer will need a range of skills to be successful in their writing career and hold various essential qualifications and skills, including:

What Experience Does a Content Writer Need?

Having a university education isn’t as critical as experience in the world of content writing. While there are several junior content writing positions, countless content writers step into entry-level marketing agencies or roles in marketing departments once they’ve graduated.

For the ideal writing experience, you could get work experience in an applicable junior role, for example, as a social media assistant or marketing associate. Doing so means you understand how integral content is to a marketing strategy. 

What Education and Training Does a Content Writer Need?

As mentioned above, numerous content writers hold a degree in journalism, communications, or English literature. But other content writers require industry-specific degrees for the topic matter they’ll be creating.

For instance, if a content writer is crafting a finance article, they’ll most likely need mathematics and science degrees. Also, certain online learning institutions such as the University of California, Davis, and Udemy offer content writing training.

What Can a Content Writer Expect to Earn?

On average, a content writer’s salary is around £48,604 per year, but this depends on a variety of factors such as location, number of years in the industry, experience, credentials, and the organization.

If your content isn’t ranking, we here at Embarque can help you rank on the first page of Google by growing your clients through SEO. From backlinks to long-tail SEO articles, we’ll take your growth to the next level. Recently, we helped an online platform offering mentorships to increase its revenue by 800% and reach two million search visits! 

What Does a Content Writer’s Career Path Look Like?

Since 2016, the content industry has been escalating rapidly, so now’s a good time to become one. Being a content writer is a stepping stone to a whole host of other occupations in the marketing industry. For example, if you start as a staff content writer, you could progress to become:

The Takeaway

Content is probably going to be the future of marketing. As the industry carries on progressing, as an increasing number of companies see results from content and grow, classic marketing will pale in comparison. The question won’t be ‘Will content work?”. It’ll be “How far can we scale with content?”

Now’s a great time to become a content writer and we hope our guide to content writing has given you some inspiration and ideas on what the job involves. Content writing is a varied role that allows you to get involved in numerous niches and areas and it’s incredibly rewarding, too.

The secret to kicking off a successful career in content is to concentrate on sharpening your writing dexterities and gaining as much knowledge and exposure as you can. At Embarque, we aspire to scale growth with premium SEO that converts. Why not get started today?

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