How We Troubleshoot ‘Validation Failed’ Errors in Google Search Console

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Overview: We address how to resolve validation failed errors in Google Search Console. These errors hinder your website's indexing and visibility in search results, making their resolution crucial.

Why you can trust us: Our expertise is evident through numerous successful client engagements and case studies, particularly in addressing complex SEO challenges like ‘validation failed’ issues.

Why this is important: Fixing validation failures in Google Search Console is essential for ensuring that your website is properly indexed, visible in search results, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines.

Action points: We recommend meticulously checking verification codes, ensuring website accessibility, and addressing server connectivity issues to resolve "validation failed" errors.

Further research: For continued learning and support, consider reaching out to experienced SEO consultants like Embarque for personalized advice.

Need help fixing the ‘validation failed’ issue in Google Search Console?

If you've seen the ‘validation failed’ tag in Google Search Console, we understand it can be frustrating. 

Our SEO team at Embarque can help you fix this issue. We'll explain why it happens, how it affects your online presence, and give you the tools to fix it and get back on track.

Let’s get started.

Why listen to us?

Validation failed errors are a common hurdle, often leading to frustration and wasted time. At Embarque, we've successfully navigated these challenges, drawing from our extensive experience. Our case studies highlight how we've efficiently identified and resolved these errors, ensuring our clients' projects stay on track without unnecessary delays.

Overcoming validation failed errors not only saves time but also enhances project reliability. Our hands-on approach in tackling these issues has enabled our clients to maintain seamless workflows and achieve their goals with greater confidence and efficiency.

What is ‘validation failed’ on Google Search Console?


Validation failed in Google Search Console typically refers to an issue with the verification or validation process when trying to claim ownership of a website or a specific property (like a domain) within Google Search Console.

When you add a property to Google Search Console, you need to verify that you own or have control over that property. Google provides several methods for verification, such as adding a meta tag to your website's HTML, uploading a specific HTML file to your server, using DNS record changes, or associating with Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager.

If the validation process fails, it means that Google was unable to confirm ownership or control using the chosen method. 

Common reasons for encountering ‘validation failed’ on Google Search Console

How we fix ‘validation failed’ on Google Search Console

1. Double-check the verification code

Ensure that the verification code is correctly placed on your website. Google's algorithms require precise placement, as even a minor spacing issue can lead to the 'Validation failed' problem. Paying close attention to details will help avoid any complications.

2. Check website accessibility

Make sure your website is easily accessible and resolve any server issues. It is important to have smooth communication with the server for a seamless digital experience. Follow these simple guidelines:

However, it's important to remember that these tools have limitations. They can flag possible problems, but assessing accessibility standards requires human evaluation.

3. Check DNS settings

DNS settings act as a navigation system for Google to find your website. To avoid any confusion during the indexing process, it is important to ensure that these settings are correctly configured. The steps for checking and adjusting DNS settings vary depending on whether you are using Windows or macOS. Here are the instructions for both operating systems.



4. Fix all possible issues

Navigate to the issue details page and diagnose possible issues. Address any issue that's been causing the validation failed errors promptly.

5. Start validation

Click 'Validate fix' on the issue details page. Avoid clicking it multiple times and wait patiently for the changes to reflect.

6. Monitor validation progress

Validation takes time. Typically, it takes about two weeks, but in some cases, it might take a bit longer. Wait for the notification and keep an eye on the progress.

7. If validation fails

If there is a failure, click 'See details' to find the problematic URL. Fix that page, verify the fix for all URLs in the Pending state, and restart the validation process.

Learn Google Search Console with Embarque

Fixing the 'validation failed' issue in Google Search Console requires focused investigation. You need to address the problems, check the codes, ensure your website is accessible, and monitor server connectivity. 

It's important to be accurate when copying codes and be patient while waiting for confirmation. Taking quick action is crucial for getting good visibility on Google and providing a positive online experience for your audience. 

If you're still having trouble, feel free to contact Embarque for help. We’re an experienced SEO agency that specializes in helping SaaS, marketplace, and other online businesses. We can provide personalized insights to help you resolve your specific challenges.

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