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Featuring content produced for Mailjet, VEED and MentorCruise, this samples page is not a series of our best work, but rather a display of the level of quality that we aim to have for every single piece of content produced.


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Helpful summary

Overview: We introduce our samples page, showcasing high-quality SEO content created for clients like Mailjet, VEED, and MentorCruise. The page emphasizes our commitment to consistent quality in every content piece.

Why you can trust us: With a focus on meaningful growth through SEO, our expertise is demonstrated through successful content samples. These include a highly circulated Mailjet article, a first-page ranking piece for VEED, and an SEO-boosted article for MentorCruise, underlining their ability to enhance web traffic, conversions, and indexing speed.

Why this is important: Understanding the impact of quality SEO content is crucial. It can significantly increase a website's traffic, improve indexing speed on search engines, and consequently, boost revenue.

Action points: At Embarque, we suggest exploring our samples to grasp the potential of SEO content. Their approach to quality assurance, targeting, and branding can serve as a model for creating effective content.

Further research: To complement this overview, delve into detailed case studies or connect with for insights into SEO content strategy and its implementation.

Need help with SEO content writing?

At Embarque, we strive to create high-quality SEO content that brings in conversions and can help build an audience.

Featuring content produced for Mailjet, VEED and MentorCruise, this samples page is not a series of our best work, but rather a display of the level of quality that we aim to have for every single piece of content produced.

Why listen to us?

SEO content writing is a pivotal tool for small business growth. Embarque's case studies, like MentorCruise's 800% annual revenue increase, demonstrate our effectiveness in this field​​​​. 

Our work with startups, including VEED, Flick, and Riverside, highlights our expertise in creating quality content that drives traffic and enhances trust with target audiences. This approach has been instrumental in skyrocketing traffic and revenue growth for these businesses, showcasing our ability to tailor SEO content writing to meet specific business needs and market demands.

We focus on meaningful growth through SEO content

When it comes to measuring results, we rely on 2 important metrics that contribute to meaningful SEO-fueled growth:

We don’t play around with our clients’ expectations, and we are committed to bringing meaningful results.

In the process of creating content, we adhere to several quality assurance guidelines on branding, positioning, branding and topical depth to achieve these results.

These lead to great content that helps. Great content doesn’t feel generic. It’s written for its target audience. It has a high average session duration and low bounce rates on Google Analytics. It knows how to position the company’s offering as the solution to relevant problems.

Consequently, regularly producing great content leads to compounding growth and scalable results in the long run.

Content samples

In each sample, the Foreword summarizes the key results. Here’s the Foreword from the article we created for Mailjet, 6 Great Newsletter Examples with Actionable Insights.

Before ranking on the first page of Google for many keywords, this article got widely circulated across many different newsletters related to email marketing and design. This initial traction helped the content to rapidly climb up Google’s search rankings.

Produced for VEED, The article Instagram Video Formats… is also currently ranking on the first page for many keywords and enjoys a high conversion rate.

We’ve also made a product tutorial on VEED’s video splitter feature that’s optimized to rank for high-volume keywords.

The article The meaning and definition of mentorship, mentor and mentee is an SEO republishing of the same article written by MentorCruise around a year and a half ago.

Its search position for many high-volume keywords shot up by as high as 65 results… after a week of getting republished.

(We have yet to publicly launch our SEO republishing as a service just yet, so stay tuned 😬. Email me if you’re interested:

Finally, the article 'What are the essential qualities of a good mentor…' aligns MentorCruise’s SEO and community-based initiatives together.

This SEO blog post includes first-hand accounts from its thriving community of mentees and mentors of the essential qualities of a good mentor.

As a result, it’s enjoyed high click rates from the community and is beginning to rank for relevant keywords.


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