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We explore agencies that excel in performing comprehensive SEO audits for businesses, identifying and fixing technical SEO issues, enhancing search engine rankings, and driving revenue growth.

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Overview: We explore agencies that excel in performing comprehensive SEO audits for businesses, identifying and fixing technical SEO issues, enhancing search engine rankings, and driving revenue growth.

Why you can trust us: At Embarque, our proficiency is highlighted by client successes like Cleanvoice, where we identified less competitive but trending keywords, resulting in a 300% increase in MRR and over 40k monthly organic traffic. Similarly, MentorCruise's revenue grew by 1600% year-on-year following our strategic SEO audit and implementation.

Why this is important: Comprehensive SEO audits are vital for identifying underlying issues that affect search rankings and overall online visibility, which are crucial for business growth in the competitive digital landscape.

Action Points: We recommend conducting in-depth SEO audits focusing on keyword research, content alignment with target personas, and continuous adaptation to Google's algorithm changes for optimal online performance.

Further Research: Continuously update SEO strategies and adopt the latest best practices to maintain high search engine rankings and stay ahead in the digital market.

Want to find the top SEO audit agency for you?

Despite the effort you've invested in meticulously crafting every post and polishing each page on your website, the anticipated wave of visitors remains a distant reality. Instead, what you experience is a slow trickle of traffic that barely makes a splash. This common and frustrating issue plagues many site owners and often stems from the hidden challenges of SEO.

At Embarque, we get it. We're experts in cutting through the complex world of search engine algorithms and performing SEO audits to help your business flourish online. We know what it takes to climb the search engine rankings and we're here to guide you.

In this article, we're showcasing the best SEO audit agencies of 2024. These are the teams that excel in analyzing and boosting your website's SEO performance. Whether you're puzzled by your site's lack of progress or you're proactive about staying on top, these agencies can make a significant difference.

Why listen to us?

At Embarque, we’re experts when it comes to identifying SEO gaps and areas for improvement through in-depth SEO audits. Our success stories, like Cleanvoice and MentorCruise, highlight this. Cleanvoice achieved a 300% increase in MRR and a CTR of 7.9%, while MentorCruise saw a remarkable 1600% year-on-year revenue growth

These results stem from our strategic focus on in-depth keyword research and content optimization tailored to each of our client's unique needs.

What is an SEO audit agency?

An SEO audit agency specializes in evaluating your website's effectiveness for search engine optimization (SEO). They examine everything from technical aspects to content and backlinks, identifying strengths and weaknesses. Using tools and expertise, these agencies pinpoint issues that may hinder your site from ranking higher in search results. The best ones will also deliver a detailed report with practical insights and strategic recommendations to enhance your website's visibility and performance. 

As a premium productized content marketing agency, Embarque offers comprehensive SEO audit services. This includes competitor analysis, keyword gap analysis, content optimization, and on-page SEO optimization. Our expertise has proven beneficial to numerous SaaS companies and high-growth tech startups, leading to substantial improvements in their online visibility, organic traffic, and, ultimately, revenue. 

For instance, after conducting a comprehensive SEO audit for 4 Day Week, we identified that their suboptimal SEO performance was attributed to poorly written content that didn't resonate with their primary audience—individuals working in the tech industry.

In response, we swiftly took action by aligning with their goals and priorities. Through extensive keyword research, we devised an SEO content strategy that targeted queries related to interviews at major tech companies. This involved creating a content calendar with topics featuring relevant, high-volume, and low-competition queries commonly searched by those in the tech field.

According to Phil, who expressed his satisfaction with our approach, "Embarque genuinely wants to help me and has a result-driven approach." Since becoming a client on October 20, 2021, 4 Day Week has experienced a substantial increase in average weekly visits, soaring from 1,000 to 4,500 within just three months

Notably, most articles we published began ranking in Google searches in less than five days, with one particular article ranking in just 2 hours after publication for high-volume queries. 

The blog now stands as the domain’s primary traffic generator, amassing over 21,000 search clicks per month, with an average time on page of 4 minutes and 24 seconds. Recognizing 4 Day Week as a topical authority for tech interviews, Google has expedited its ranking for related queries in as little as a few days. 

Why should you hire SEO audit agencies?

Expert diagnosis

SEO audit agencies are equipped with specialized tools and knowledge to conduct an in-depth analysis of your website. They can detect technical issues, such as slow page load times, broken links, or crawl errors, which might be impeding your site’s performance. They also evaluate your SEO content writing strategy and keyword usage to ensure that you're communicating effectively with both your audience and search engines.

Competitive edge

An SEO audit agency will benchmark your website against those of your competitors, offering you a clear picture of where you stand in the market. They can uncover what others in your niche might be doing better or not doing at all, allowing you to draw inspiration and refine your strategy to gain an advantage.

For instance, when we worked with Cleanvoice, our approach diverged from targeting popular keywords pursued by larger and well-established podcasting tools. Instead, through an in-depth competitor analysis and content audit, we identified numerous emerging keywords and topics that were not highly competitive at the time but had a good chance of becoming trending within the next few months. We then adjusted our SEO content strategy to focus on these upcoming topics and keywords.

The result? Cleanvoice experienced a 300% Increase in MRR with over 40k in monthly organic traffic and an average click-through rate of 7.9%. 

Actionable strategy

Post-audit, agencies don't just leave you with a list of problems. They provide a strategic plan to address these issues, often prioritized by impact and feasibility. This might include quick steps that can boost your rankings rapidly, as well as longer-term strategies for sustainable growth.

Saves you time and resources

SEO audit is complex and ever-changing. By outsourcing this task to an agency, you save valuable time and resources that you can invest back into your business. They keep track of the latest trends and algorithm updates so that you don't have to.

Continuous improvement

SEO isn't a one-and-done deal. Audit agencies offer ongoing support and can monitor your site's progress, making adjustments as needed. This ensures that your SEO strategy remains effective over time.

By trusting the expertise of an SEO audit agency, you're not just investing in a one-time service, but in the long-term success and growth of your online business.

Let's examine the success story of MentorCruise and the remarkable 1,600% year-on-year revenue growth by working with us. Initially, our SEO audit uncovered challenges in MentorCruise's strategy, revealing issues with targeted keyword research and insufficiently detailed content that didn't align with MentorCruise's target personas.

To address this challenge, our solution involved prioritizing in-depth keyword research focused on key customer segments and keywords demonstrating a high purchase intent. We also refined their blog processes and updated branding guidelines to adapt to changes in Google's algorithm over time. Additionally, we implemented SEO content calendars that undergo regular review and optimization. Furthermore, we strategically republished older content to achieve higher rankings in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Criteria to consider when choosing an SEO audit agency 

When selecting an SEO audit agency, it's crucial to choose one that aligns with your specific needs and goals. Here are some factors you should consider:

Comprehensive reporting

The best agencies not only find issues but also explain them in a way that's easy to understand. They should provide a detailed report that translates SEO jargon into clear, actionable steps you can take to improve your site.

Communication and support

Good agencies are responsive and communicate clearly throughout the audit process. They should be readily available to answer your questions and provide support before, during, and after the audit.

At Embarque, we developed a dedicated online portal to enhance communication with our clients. Through this platform, we deliver regular project updates and offer continuous suggestions to enhance their SEO content strategies. Moreover, we prioritize client involvement, ensuring they have the final say at each stage of the process, keeping them well-informed and engaged.

Up-to-date techniques 

SEO best practices evolve rapidly. The agency you select should demonstrate a commitment to ongoing education and mastery of the latest SEO trends, tools, and algorithm updates. This ensures that the strategies they recommend are not outdated but instead position you at the forefront of SEO innovation.

Strategic follow-up

The best SEO audit agencies will offer to assist with the implementation of their recommendations and provide ongoing support. This could include setting up tracking for key performance indicators (KPIs), regular check-ins to ensure strategies are effective, and making iterative adjustments as the SEO landscape shifts.

Expertise and experiences

The agency you choose should have a wealth of experience and a solid portfolio that demonstrates their ability to improve SEO for businesses like yours. They should have case studies or testimonials that showcase their case studies and success stories.

We have worked with several clients, all of which have significantly improved their organic traffic, online visibility,  and ultimately revenue. For example, Signhouse’s monthly organic visitors went from 0 to 60,000 in just 6 months thanks to our product-centric SEO content pipeline and strategy. We’ve also helped them streamline their content creation process to ensure a consistent and quality output throughout the project.

Furthermore, we achieved a remarkable 400% increase in Upscribe's organic traffic within just 5 months. This success was realized through the creation of content centered around relevant topics and high-performing keywords, complemented by a robust link-building strategy. In addition, we established a tailored content calendar for Upscribe based on the insights gleaned from our audit.

Ethical practices

Ensure the agency adheres to white-hat SEO techniques that abide by search engine guidelines. Engaging in or recommending unethical, black-hat strategies can result in penalties or a loss of trust from both users and search engines.

10 Best SEO Audit Agencies

  1. Embarque
  2. Halo Lab
  3. seoClarity
  4. Victorious
  5. Markitors
  6. Netvantage Marketing
  7. Seahawk
  8. Jammy Digital
  9. Infidigit
  10. BlueHat Marketing Inc.

1. Embarque

Embarque is a premium content marketing agency with a focus on enhancing brand presence and engagement for SaaS companies and high-growth tech startups through innovative digital strategies. Our expertise extends to SEO audit services, where we leverage advanced tools and methodologies to evaluate and optimize websites for search engine performance.

Our SEO audit services encompass a comprehensive analysis of website architecture, content, and backlink profiles. We specialize in identifying technical SEO issues, optimizing on-page elements, and developing strategies for long-term organic growth.

Services Offered

2. Halo Lab

Halo Lab is known for its excellence in design and development services, extending its expertise to SEO audits. They boast a team of developers and designers dedicated to creating immersive experiences and boosting business growth by integrating SEO into their strategies.

Services Offered

3. seoClarity

seoClarity is an AI-driven search and content optimization platform that caters to enterprises and agencies with comprehensive SEO tools and services. They are known for their innovative approach, leveraging AI and data-driven methods to offer actionable insights and advanced SEO recommendations.

Services Offered

4. Victorious

Victorious offers personalized, strategist-led SEO audits focusing on identifying obstacles and providing customized recommendations. Their approach emphasizes real-time analytics, ROI tracking, and scalable campaign strategies. They provide tailored audits by experienced strategists, prioritizing SEO challenges based on impact level and effort.

Services Offered

5. Markitors

Markitors is a full-service SEO agency that specializes in small business SEO. They provide comprehensive SEO audits by aggregating results from over 70 top SEO audit tools, prioritizing action items for SEO improvement. They offer quick turnaround times, typically within 1-2 weeks, and focus on comprehensive analysis for actionable SEO improvements​​​​.

Services Offered

6. Netvantage Marketing

Netvantage Marketing is known for its detailed on-site SEO audit services, focusing on optimizing websites for search engines. Their process includes comprehensive site analysis, keyword research, and technical SEO evaluation. Netvantage Marketing also identifies and suggests new pages for valuable keywords not currently targeted​​​​​​.

Services Offered

7. Seahawk

Seahawk provides comprehensive SEO audit services, helping businesses understand why their websites may not be performing optimally in search engines. They offer a detailed analysis of various aspects of a website, including competitor analysis, keyword research, on-page and off-page SEO, technical SEO, and content audits. They focus on identifying areas of improvement and providing strategies to enhance SERP rankings​​​​​​​​.

Services Offered

8. Jammy Digital

Jammy Digital is an SEO and content marketing agency focused on helping businesses increase their web traffic and search engine rankings. They emphasize the importance of quality content and SEO in achieving high search engine rankings. Their approach is to provide a clear action plan for SEO, with a focus on practical and understandable advice. 

Services Offered

9. Infidigit

Infidigit is an award-winning SEO agency known for its expertise in technical SEO and AI capabilities. The agency boasts a team of over 150 tech SEO experts and is equipped with its proprietary SEO tool, InfiGrowth. Infidigit offers comprehensive SEO audit services, employing over 400 audit checkpoints. 

Services Offered

10. BlueHat Marketing Inc.

BlueHat Marketing, founded in 2005, has grown into a full-suite digital marketing agency, offering services in SEO, web development, social media marketing, and more. They are particularly known for their expertise in search engine optimization at local, national, and international levels.

Services Offered

Final Thoughts

Investing in an SEO audit agency is an essential step for any business looking to enhance its online presence. By trusting their expertise, you're making a long-term investment in the success and growth of your online business. Choosing the right partner to navigate the complexities of SEO, can achieve significant improvements in your website's search engine performance and overall digital marketing effectiveness.

For those considering an SEO audit, Embarque stands out as a reliable choice. Our comprehensive SEO audit services cover technical aspects, content, and backlink profiles. Embarque guides businesses through the complexities of SEO, helping them optimize their online presence. 

Enhance your brand's visibility and engagement with Embarque's proven and cost-effective SEO solutions today!

Julian Canlas

I’m Julian, one of the co-founders of Embarque, which offers productised SEO content marketing services. I’m an SEO content strategist by trade. My line of work involves creating a top-to-bottom SEO content strategy for brands based on their current needs and how well they’re attracting clients through organic search.

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