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Case study: How MentorCruise increased its annual revenue by 800% with Embarque
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Want SEO packages bundled to fit your overall needs? From SEO content to backlinks, our bespoke SEO packages are designed to help you scale fast.

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SEO content shouldn't compromise compelling copy. Quality backlinks shouldn't be pricey. Reel in more organic traffic with Embarque’s award-winning SEO's and copywriters.

Our results speak for themselves. In less than a month, we've helped ScrumGenius rank as featured snipper for a relevant query that gets 17,000 searches per month. We've helped MentorCruise increase its revenue by 800% in under one year. And our articles for 4 day week have been ranking in less than one day. Yes, one day.

With high-growth startups like Flick (+3.5M ARR) and VEED (+6M ARR) as part of our client base, we know the demands of rapidly-growing marketing teams. Whether you're just starting out on your SEO journey or want to outsource processes, such as backlinking and content marketing, Embarque is there to assist you in your journey to scale fast.

The returns that SEO provides are no joke. According to a study done by First page indicate that SEO ROI can be as high as 1,400% over a 10-month time horizon. And the results can be compounded over time, as well. Unlike social media ads or paid search, where you need money to get results, ranking on the first page of Google Search and other search engines is a foolproof way to get traffic without lifting a finger.

We differ from other SEO agencies in that we provide a  process that is rooted in data and transparency. From creating high-quality SEO content provided by specialists to white-hat backlinking outreach tactics, you'll get an overview of what we're up to. In fact, our clients value our transparency so much that we've grown by more than 500% within a year of being launched mainly through client referrals.

How do you order our SEO packages?

You place an order

Sit down with us

In addition to our full-service SEO packages, which contain a mixture of on-page and off-page services for every stage of your business, we also offer specific packages depending on your needs.

We’ll do the work

We'll get things done

After you complete a questionnaire, we'll create some internal assets that our employees will refer to when executing the strategy. These help ensure that the quality remains top-notch.


Editing and fact-checking

After the end of your subscription period, we will provide an overview detailing what's been done to make sure that you're up-to-date with what's happening.

SEO packages for every company
size and needs

Whether you're a fledgling startup ready to reap the amazing returns that SEO provides or an established company looking to outsource their content marketing or backlining processes, Embarque has SEO packages for your specific needs.

Our clientele includes a mixture of rapidly growing self-funded startups like Flick and VEED, which have become multimillion dollar companies in under a year through SEO, established ones like the United Nations, and early-stage ventures like 4 day week. As such, our SEO packages fit every need, whether in terms of growth or budget.

✔ Clients include startups and established companies

✔ Bespoke SEO packages

✔ Fit for every budget and growth needs

A strong portfolio and very
transparent processes

We value transparency. Every year, we post our revenue growth for everyone to see, and we openly interact with our clients on social media. Throughout the subscription period, we provide short updates to our clients to make sure that we are aligned on priorities and goals. To top it off, we also send a short summary of the deliverables that we were able to deliverable and the bottlenecks along the way.

We have a strong, happy and loyal client base that love to evangelize our services. In fact, we've reached a 6-figure annual revenue mostly through client referrals, and have able to build a strong portfolio, where the results speak for themselves. At Embarque, it's first page or bust. We value premium content with a point of view over anything else, and don't brag about vanity metrics that don't get our clients the results that they want.

✔ Strong portfolio available upon request

✔ Case studies with no BS results

✔ High-quality services that deliver

Scale fast through our SEO packages

Finally, we have what it takes to take your SEO processes to the next level. Need high-quality articles that are well-researched and suit your tone of voice? We have specialist writers who know a thing or two about SEO and branding. Need quality backlinks? Our outreach specialists are there to help. Our SEO packages can customized for your needs.

As you scale growth, we also offer services that help you manage complexity, such as regular audits, technical SEO and monthly reporting. At every step of the day, you'll have a dedicated project manager or even the CEO himself to help you succeed.

✔ Take SEO to the next level

✔ Flexible SEO packages

✔ Manage SEO complexity over time

Frequently asked questions

What is Embarque?
Embarque is a productized SEO agency that offers premium  SEO services at fixed and affordable costs. We’ve helped many bootstrappers and tech startups grow significantly through SEO services that convert. We are transparent, and genuinely care for our clients to succeed. You can check our portfolio and sample work to see what we've helped them achieve.

How do your services differ from the competition?
We are transparent and results-driven. From our project managers to content writers, everyone undergoes a rigorous vetting process to ensure that they have what it takes to work for rapidly-growing companies, where agility, time management and critical researching skills are essential traits to be succesful.

How do I pay? 
Just create an account on our customer portal, select the package(s) and option(s) you want to purchase, and proceed with your payment.

Once our system has processed the transaction, you’ll then have to answer some questions regarding your product/service, brand, competition, priorities, and goals. Your answers will help us determine how we can help you effectively. If you’re still unsure of the process, feel free to email our founder:

How simple is the process?
The whole process can be as involved as you want it to be. Ultimately, it all boils down to client preferences. Some of our clients prefer to communicate everything via chat, instead of Zoom meetings. Others prefer to have monthly calls to get aligned on priorities and goals for the month.

After you complete our questionnaire and mention your goals and priorities,  we'll get on with our job. You'll get regular updates and a monthly summary to make sure that we're aligned on what you want to get done.


Flexible content packages that scale with your budget. We provide a project manager at any rate and volume.


💸 Save more than $960 with annual billing

Get 2-3 posts (4,500 words in total)

✓ Search optimized content

✓ Monthly SEO content calendar

✓ Project manager

✓ Join team meetings (up to 3 hours)

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 💸 Save more than $1,500 with annual billing

Get 4-6 posts (8,000 words in total)

✓ Search optimized content

✓ Monthly SEO content calendar

✓ Project manager

✓ Join team meetings (up to 5 hours)

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💸  Get customized plans fit

For enterprise use & white-label partnerships

✓ Fit for your needs

✓ Dedicated project manager

✓ Discounted long-term rates

✓ Join team meetings (up to 5 hours)


Options start at $40

Mix and match options and get discounts of up to 25% for orders over $500