Case study: Helping Retention Machine as an email copywriting partner

As a boutique email automation and marketing agency based in the United Kingdom, Retention Machine was looking for a copywriting partner to scale their clients’ email marketing efforts and offer email copywriting as a service. They wanted an email copywriter who could master a thorough understanding of their strategy and create email copywriting templates without much oversight.

Retention Machine’s CEO, Wassif Aziz, found Embarque to be the perfect partner. In this case study, we’ll delve into:

  • Why Retention Machine chose us
  • The types of email copywriting we’ve provided to them
  • How we defined a workflow that worked for both agencies

Why Embarque?

For this agency partnership, Wassif was looking for a partner with a proven track record of successful email marketing campaigns for SaaS and eCommerce companies. Working within short turnaround times, they needed someone who could quickly understand their strategy and immediately start creating high-quality email copy.

#1. Tried and true knowledge of email marketing

Having an email marketing partner who is agile and can understand the strategy without much explanation or hand-holding is key to ensuring minimal back and forth. Wassif realised that he could rely on us to understand how they wanted the email copy to function for their email marketing sequences and automation strategy.

#2. Comprehensive, transparent pricing

Comparing prices can be tedious. Companies often go through the process of calling vendors for quotes, going through package catalogues, and comparing which agency offers the best deal for the services they need. Some agencies use opaque pricing models to quote different prices depending on the company size and growth plan.

This allowed us to use our transparent pricing as a competitive advantage. The pricing of our packages is prominently displayed in our client portal. Furthermore, we also offered a flexible pricing scheme to Retention Machine, which allowed them to use a variety of our services depending on the budget available.

#3. High-touch communication

We used email and Slack as our main methods of communication. As this partnership was primarily a remote one, Wassif was looking for a partner who could quickly respond to revision requests.

For most of Retention Machine’s clients, an email campaign goes from design to delivery in less than two days, so revisions need to be applied within that time frame. At the same time, we also provided Wassif regular updates and an overview of the copywriting assets that we had completed to ensure that he’s fully informed on the work being done. Following our partnership agreement, we directly interacted with Wassif’s clients and owned the email copywriting process for a smooth working relationship between all parties.

#4. Signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

Finally, we signed an NDA to establish a confidential relationship between both agencies and Retention Machine’s various clients. As a fairly common practice with agency partnerships, signing an NDA provides added reassurance that we won’t share sensitive information without consent.

At the same time, we also agreed on a no-poaching clause. While we work in different verticals and offer completely different marketing services, having a legal agreement in place provides another layer of trust for both parties and helps us do our tasks without the fear of confidential information being divulged.

Types of Email Marketing

We handled all aspects of email copywriting for Retention Machine. Here are some emails that we’ve done for one of their clients.

  1. Promotional emails - These are emails sent by brands on a regular basis. We’ve created all types of promotional emails for Retention Machine’s clients, from price drop emails to holiday emails. These emails have a fast turnaround time of around two days, so we needed to be responsive when it came to making copywriting changes.
  2. Automated emails - These are emails sent to customers after they have taken a specific action on the website. They include abandoned basket emails and browse abandonment emails. Providing a helpful nudge to encourage customers to complete a purchase, automated emails are vital for eCommerce businesses.
  3. Email series - This consists of a series of emails sent to subscribers for various reasons. For instance, this can be a series of welcome emails that auto-sends to people on a certain schedule once they sign up for a list. There’s an added level of strategy in terms of copywriting, as the copy and design across these emails needs to feel cohesive.

Below is an email campaign that’s part of a welcome email series for Forever Unique. This was authorised for distribution by all parties.

Building a Workflow that Works

After discussing with Retention Machine and their clients about what the expectations were for the email copy, we created the following documents to facilitate the collaboration process:

  • A branding and communications cheat sheet - This provided succinct explanations of each client’s branding, positioning, and messaging. It also included a style guide, persona profiles, and a portfolio of past email marketing campaigns. Character and sentence limit specifications helped ensure that the copy could be read across different devices.
  • A brief template - We created a template that was quick to fill in and contained all the necessary questions, including the goal for the email campaign and the turnaround time.

Whenever a new email campaign was requested these documents were sent to copywriters. This management process allowed Wassif and his clients to scale their email marketing campaigns effectively without experiencing copywriting delays.


Wassif and his agency have found a reliable copywriting partner in us and it has allowed them to:

  • Offer email copywriting as a service.
  • Own and execute an email marketing strategy with an email copywriting partner that quickly understands each client’s needs.
  • Begin various email marketing campaigns with new content.

Partner with Embarque to scale your email copywriting

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